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KZ and TJ

Sana All

KZ Tandingan and TJ's beautiful wedding at the Farm in San Benito

We have a video extravaganza for this entry great folks so buckle up.

We start off with the centerpiece, a masterfully put together highlights of the wedding.  (my site, my adjectives).



KZ and TJ: The Wedding Film

It was indeed a day full of love and song but to be honest, I expected no less.  TJ is an excellent songwriter and KZ, well she’s KZ.  Being able to use a song composed and performed by the couple was truly a first for me.  What a fulfilling creative experience.

Now it just so happened that we were able to bring along an extra crew member to film some BTS footage of the wedding.  So for aspiring wedding filmmakers out there, here’s a behind the scenes look of how we operate and what I keep in mind when filming a wedding – celebrity or otherwise.

And oh, the first part has the cute story of how I and the couple met.


KZ & TJ Wedding BTS Part 01

Now for something unique, a few weeks after doing the edit above, I managed to put together a video about my creative process in editing a video.  I really hope to be doing more of these in the future.  It was quite fun to dissect something second nature to me.  I hope you pick up one or two things after watching.

KZ & TJ Wedding BTS Part 02 (Editing Breakdown)

Kapag nakita natin ang wakas, balikan natin ang simula. - KZ & TJ