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Cris Villonco & Paolo Valderrama

Cris Villonco & Paolo Valderrama

The Wedding

Music: Dahilan by The Benjamins. Paolo and Miguel Guico

She insisted on riding her own car on the way to the church, foregoing the luxury ones from her dad.

It was a Toyota Innova she was proudly paying for herself.

That was the kind of person she is. Low key. Not flashy. As if all manners of pomp and glamour were displayed on the stage where she let it all hang out. Only to retreat to her quiet, unassuming, unpretentious cocoon when the curtains go down.

I met her somewhere in Promenade a week before her wedding. Of course, the first words out of my mouth were "Oh my Cris! This has been a long time coming! You booked me more than two years ago!.

She quietly mouthed the words, "THAT"S NOT HIM! THAT'S A DIFFERENT GUY!". Shaking her head, controlling her laughter.

Floor. Eat Jason. Now.

I shot Paolo a glance, fully expecting a glare (or a beatdown). Neither happened. Instead, a sheepish smile.

"It's fine" Cris said. "He knows."

And that's the kind of person he is. Quiet. Dignified. Understanding.

We talked about their wedding. How she wanted it uncomplicated. How she wanted to forego the spinning rings and the flying veils. She wanted the raw, the real, the truth. Exactly how we do it.

Cheers to the Baker, and the Baker's Wife!


At the tailend of the meeting she threw me a curveball. She requested for a Filipino song.
And thankfully, I was able to obtain permission to use Dahilan by The Benjamins. Thank
you to the very kind, and the very talented Paolo and Miguel Guico.

Everything happens for a reason. We might get sidetracked or take a longer route, but in the end, we are better, stronger and wiser persons for it.