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Pauleen Luna & Vic Sotto

Pauleen Luna & Vic Sotto

Same Day Edit

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Arranged by Allen Dave Articulo and Choi Padilla

It was 2008. I met Pauleen for the first time, attending the wedding of Ruby's brother in Boracay. She was a stunner back then as she is today, albeit more quietly confident now.

After the SDE, she said - "I'm single, I'm with no one right now, but when it's time, I'd love for you to film my wedding."

"Gladly!" I said. And a pact was made.

Late last year Vic finally proposed, and truth be told, I was hesitant to reach out first. I hated to intrude and "make papel." But this girl, she made good on her promise, just a couple of days after a message popped in my inbox.


Happy beyond words that finally, both of them are "home".