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jason magbanua

Wedding Videographer, Industry Gamechanger, Visual Storyteller, Star of the Night, An All-Around Nice Guy, Will Eat Spam

Jason Magbanua

miracle of memory

How rarely do we consider the miracle of memory—that magical ability to put a name to a face or recall vividly the giddiness of a first kiss? Memory is the gem that fuels our dreams and assigns value to our many relationships. It’s who we are. But memory is neither fixed nor frozen. Rather, it transforms irreversibly with time's passing and with every recollection. It’s no wonder man is so fascinated by its preservation. We see this, not just in the history books, but in how Adele immortalized her heartbreak through song, Keats in poetry, and Picasso on canvas.

Among the arts, however, none is as memorial in nature as photography and film.

In this form, a moment is singled out to be preserved, and the moments before and after it often fade away. In essence, the artist chooses what will be remembered—and what will forever be forgotten. It’s a tall order, but one Jason has never shied away from.

jason magbanua

With 20 years of experience, a slew of international awards, and hundreds of clients singing him praises, it’s already known fact that Jason has hit that professional sweet spot.

But if there’s one thing that people who have worked with him swear by, it’s this: He's a man who remembers

How he passed on a big job to teach in a small town; How he jumped at the chance to document the wedding of a student’s sibling, his fateful first gig; How he clutched at his first professional camera on which he had gambled his life savings (and some of his mom’s), even though he was expecting his first-born and had quit his day job; and How he crafted the first Same Day Edit on a bulky PC in his home, only to scurry back to the reception.

All these, Jason remembers.

allows him to see what others so often miss

His own memories have shaped and colored the unique lens in which he views life—and which allows him to see what others so often miss. It could be a grandmother saying “Carpe diem” as she heads for the roast pig, or the father of the bride, coffee cup in his hands shaking as he reassures everyone how calm he is. These are the priceless moments Jason is known for immortalizing.

A nice guy with a great 'stache

But beyond his artistic sensibilities, Jason is just a nice guy with a great 'stache. He doesn’t guard his secrets jealously but seizes every opportunity to share his expertise with enthusiasts from across the globe. He doesn't just film grand events but also lends his voice and unique storytelling to worthy causes, some through the #JMagWillWorkForFree initiative. And his dream wedding assignment isn't even a celebrity’s but that of Philippine heroes Andres and Oriang—further proof of his reverence towards history and near-forgotten memories.

2001-present – Best Dad in the Universe (awarded by kids).
2007-2011 – Recognized as One of the 25 Most Influential Event Videographers in the World. (by EventDV Magazine)
2006 – Gold Award – Same Day Edit/WEVA Awards (The very first one baby!)
2006-2011 Various Golds, Silvers and Bronzes for different categories (WEVA Awards)
2011 – MYX  Viewer’s Choice Award for Best Music Video- Lakad by Sandwich (Director)
2015 – Boss for Social Media. PLDT/Smart Be the Bossing Award


It almost goes without saying that any person would be extremely lucky to have Jason waiting for her at the other end of the aisle. With one collective sigh, let’s all hope he’s available—to capture our treasured memories, of course!