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Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo

Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo

Seven Years

Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo

It was 2009 and I had this great opportunity to film Juday and Ryan’s sunrise wedding in San Juan, Batangas.  We filmed everything in Super 8.  That time, I edited and delivered in 480p but kept the reels for myself

As the story goes in 2016, Lucho their son, who still wasn’t born yet in 2009 obviously,  enjoyed every bit of his parent’s wedding DVD. However, he was innocently wondering why he wasn’t in it.  Juday and Ryan’s quick solution – let’s go get married again and have ALL the kids in the video.  And so the seventh wedding anniversary planning went under way.

There was no way I wasn’t doing the anniversary video.  NO WAY.



Lucho’s reaction was priceless for me.  He wanted to be part of a happy memory that happened prior to his existence. The power of film/video had that effect on the child, much like we all wanted to enter Sesame Street, the Electric Company or Blue’s Clues.


And that brings so much validation to what we do.

Being aware of the legacy film footage that I had and the new material that we just took,  I knew exactly what I wanted to do.   I wanted to draw parallels between the past and present.  I wanted to key in on the constants in their lives, the people surrounding them, the ones who matter the most, the ones who have been there and are still there.

I wanted to state that this love, their love will endure.

And the medium of Super 8, of film,  adds so much layer and texture to the recorded material.  It’s one thing to see Super 8 footage of a wedding shot one month ago, and it’s a totally mind-blowing experience to re-watch the movie clips seven years after.  It’s just utterly beautiful, nostalgic, haunting in a positive manner.  Indescribable to a degree, transcending pixels.

And oh, for this edit, I had the reels re-mastered to HiDef 1080p  this time around.

A few years after the 2009 wedding, Ryan (the gentleman that he is), wrote me a thank you note,  I’ve never shared this publicly before, allow me to do so now.

Hey bro! me and Juday just finished celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. just wanted you to know, that till this day, we enjoy watching and showing our friends the film you made of our wedding. it serves as another log thrown in to the keep the flame burning even brighter.

Let the flame burn brighter brother!