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Gen & Bim

Gen & Bim

A Wedding in Super 8

Proudly presenting,  a one of a kind  film (in the truest sense of the word), the wedding of filmmaker and friends Phoeben and Gen Teocson.

Most of you know my love affair with all things analog, vinyl, illustrations and of course - film.  Film you shoot with a film camera, processed with chemicals then scanned for editing.  This is how Bim and Gen wanted to remember their big day, the analog way - scratchy, grainy, warm and saturated, organic, perfect in its imperfections.


Canon 814xls
Film stock, processing and telecine by Pro8mm, Burbank, CA
Church: St. James The Great
Reception: Fernbrook, Alabang

Music licensed through themusicbed.com
Defying To Reach You by The Echelon Effect
B Minor by Lanterna
Recalling Winters Casualties by The Echelon Effect
Why Aren't I Home by Athletics
Bad Notes by Papermoons