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Bianca Gonzalez & JC Intal

Bianca Gonzalez & JC Intal

Same Day Edit

Have I told you I celebrated my birthday exactly on the day of JC and Bianca’s wedding?

I’ve actually worked on my birthday the past several years and it wasn’t really any biggie. I suppose the difference was this was going to be out of town. And I wasn’t about to decline Bianca Gonzalez’ wedding was I?

From the very first meeting several months ago in Podium, she just wanted a “chill” wedding. “Super chill” if you may.

Now that word gets bandied out around a lot for weddings. Only to be ironically negated by an obsessive compulsive bride, a well meaning but controlling planner or even a inherently not-so-chill massive venue.

But hers, she insisted, was going to be “chill.”

She asked us to keep the date private (no media fanfare).
She was going to wear off the rack (to keep the peace among her numerous designer friends).
She was going to do her own makeup (she knew exactly what she wanted).
And it was going to be a small private affair (celebrating it with the closest few).

Simple. Chill.

In fact, when I flew in the morning of the wedding to El Nido, JC was out for a swim, the guests were hanging around the pool, and Bianca was just enjoying a few drinks with her friends.

Believe me and this is so comical in hindsight, I was the one starting to panic.

Shoot, she’s starting too late.
Darn. we might miss the sunset.
OMG, it’s going to be too dark by the end of the ceremony.

So yes, we ran out of light.
It rained during the reception (wet, humid and sandy).
And it just became really tough for us to shoot.

But the couple did not have one care. Did not have one complaint. Did not show one frown.

They were chill.

And the panic and concern of capturing the most perfect wedding video ever dissipated.

If they were chill, I sure as hell should be as well.

Go with flow. Roll with the punches. It’s gonna be alright.

It was pitch dark after the boat ride from the ceremony to the island where the reception was going to be held.

The rain fell just after the beach dinner and everybody rushed to the roofed pavilion. I was furiously moving our lights to a safer place and constantly monitoring the audio for a good recording whilst keeping everything from getting sopping wet from the rain.

Then out of nowhere, they whipped out a cake with a candle for me to blow out while they sang. It was my birthday!

Selfless and chill. That’s who they were. (Did I mention they also had Mr. Laurenti Dyogi and his wife renew vows during the ceremony because it was their anniversary too?).

It was a awesome experience and a great way to celebrate the big 4-0. I would not have it any other way!