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Milen and Sandro

A beautiful beach wedding

Milen and Sandro's wedding in Club Paradise, Coron

I cannot emphatize enough with brides the past months scrambling to put together the wedding of their dreams.  Honestly, it’s been tough.  Restrictions are imposed, lifted and then re-imposed.  Visitor count is fluid, often depending on which city. Milen’s wedding was supposed to be in Davao originally,  but ordinances were changing day to day so a week before the wedding date, they just decided to hold it in Club Paradise, Coron.



They couldn't have picked a better alternative.

Milen and Sandro

Truth be told it was my first time to go to Club Paradise.  The flight was smooth and non-eventful but the approach to the island was overwhelming. Imagine, being holed up in one place for 8 or so months and then being greeted by the pristine beach of Club Paradise.  What a sight!

It was a tight fit at the 8 seater but we managed.

Milen and Sandro are a match made in heaven.  It was quaint how their parents set them up as babies(!) not knowing they would end up together.  It’s been a long 8 years of them being together and getting married was easily the next step.  One thing too,  extra days in island weddings like these allow us to get acquainted to the other people in the wedding party. Both of them had the kindest, most hospitable parents and siblings anybody could hope for.  I see where the couple got “it”.

Check out the dreamy pictures from Pat Dy and his team.

Gideon Hermosa had a fabulous dinner setup by the beach, but as luck would have it, typhoon winds came by nightfall. We were lucky we had perfect weather during the ceremony. For that we were grateful. Dinner was served at the restaurant. -