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Bea and Nikko

Time traveling groom

An Intimate Christian Ceremony

I’ve known Bea for a considerable amount of time from her hosting work in weddings and corporate gigs.  And yeah I also did her sister Isa’s wedding a few years back.  Having a tight knit family,  it’s always interesting to watch out for Pastor Julius’ reaction when his daughters walk down the aisle.  It’s always precious.

Now Nikko I got to know through Bea but we’ve worked a handful of times on projects with Titan.  He also gave me a crack at sports reporting by assigning me to the Slam crew who interviewed James Harden on his visit to Manila.  By all accounts and through first hand experience, he’s an excellent dude (despite being a Lakers fan).

Now it was late 2019 when they were both guests at a wedding I was filming (Rashy and Gio) and through the fog of liquor and Ebe Dancel blaring in the background,  me and Nikko made a pact that I will be shooting his wedding when the time comes.

Well the time came earlier than expected. Nikko wanted to propose to Bea by March. -

So me and Nikko actually met one day in March 2020 to plan his surprise proposal.  It was a complicated, convoluted plan to trick Bea into my studio to do some fake video recording.  The plan also involved a few other Magic DJs.   However the grand destroyer of plans, hopes and dreams – Covid 19 – (not the local government) – afflicted the country just days before the intended proposal date.



You should know that the common denominator of people who got married last year was an unflinching desire to get it on, pandemic or no pandemic.  And that’s exactly what they sought to do.

It was the greatest pleasure and honor to do their wedding.  Here’s the first video, a short clip I put together as a nod to their hip hop affinity.

Bea and Nikko: the Jmag Remix

Photos courtesy of Pat Dy

And here’s the longer highlights video.  Cause y’know, they can’t get enough of our work.

Bea Fabregas and Nikko Ramos: The Wedding Film

I have nothing else to say except I think these two are perfect for one another.