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Dubai Workshops by Jason Magbanua

Dubai Workshops by Jason Magbanua

A Learning Experience

I can say that attending Jason’s workshop is a highly enriching, formative, educational and of course fun experience. - Antonio Domingo (founder of RECvolucion, Madrid)

My first major teaching activity for 2017 is a series of workshops to be held in Dubai.  In a two day span, I’ll be lecturing on basic and advanced wedding filmmaking as well as a starter course on corporate and commercial videography.  (Dates:  March 31, April 1)


DUBAI: Jason Magbanua Wedding Filmmaking Workshop

I will be drawing on my close to twenty years of experience in the  industry, on how to tell compelling stories, connect with clients, how to stand out and create your own brand and have staying power.

We will discuss my frame of mind when filming.    What to think about and consider before hitting the record button.  We will demonstrate and focus on techniques to acquire the best images you can, with the tools you have.  We will study editing, along with pace, rhythm and flow.  I will discuss with you techniques and tools acquired over the years for doing Same Day Edits.

I will set aside time for a discussion of marketing and branding efforts that we do to keep us on top of our game.

It’s going to be a full packed two days in one of the most beautiful, most dynamic cities in the Middle East! Dubai!

please inquire and book through this email address – eleazar@xceed-events.com

A lecture in Sau Paolo, Brasil (2015)