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Miss Possibilities: A Pageant for Children with Special Needs

For the past few months we’ve been closely working with Miss Possibilities, an organization who’s primary goal is to create awareness and promote true consideration and inclusion for children with special needs or are differently abled.

The main activity is a “pageant” showcasing the kids’ talents and abilities. You have no idea how this “simple” activity impacts the child’s confidence and raises the awareness and empathy of all those in attendance.

I came into the project with a basic knowledge of children with special needs. The kind that allows me to occasionally post about the campaigns of Target which include kids with DS. Or nod in sympathy to a new parent acquaintance who’s son has autism.

Through the process of interviewing parents, spending time with the kids in therapy, filming them in their element, breaking bread with them and being a panelist for the activity, I’m glad to say I’m coming out of it with a richer and deeper understanding of both the children and the parents.

I could not say it any better than Suz can (head of the org) –

“For the next few hours, see past the wheelchairs, different walking gaits, and see how God has perfectly and wonderfully made each child and young adult. We are here to celebrate effort not only abilities. We are here to prove that the word ‘different’ doesn’t mean less and the word ‘special’ truly means blessed.””


Thanks Miss Po parents and kids! I’m an honorary member now right?
Thanks to all the people who contributed to the production selflessly and without hesitation. Tin, Patrick, LordArvey, Lorenzo,
Madz, Delfin, Stan, Jakob, Lukas, JillVGonz.

Thanks to Ryan Raquino of Blufish

A Wedding Filmmaking Workshop in Lima, Peru, September 2016



I’ll be coming to Peru this September for a lecture and workshop at Fovitech 2016.

More details at –

I’m truly truly amazed at where this incredible journey has taken me. It was all about the couples at first. Being able to document their beautiful stories and sharing them to the world.

But you have to understand, I was a teacher first before being a videographer. And it’s always such a delight to be invited to speak and teach, be it in Katipunan, Cavite or Madrid.

So Lima, Peru on September for


Below are words from Senor Antonio Domingo, organizer of Recvolucion in Madrid last year. –

Cuando dices “Jason Magbanua” estás nombrando a una persona que es auténtica referencia dentro de todo un sector, el de la videografía/cinematografía de boda.

Jason ha contribuido con su buen hacer e incansable búsqueda del “algo más” a la proyección internacional de una profesión que hasta su llegada no estaba muy bien considerada. Todavía se ilusiona recordando cuando le solicitó una novia la proyección de algunas de las imágenes grabadas el día de su boda en el mismo día. En lugar de decir que eso era un imposible, aceptó el reto y cuando el VHS era el soporte estándar, consiguió hacer, casi 2 décadas atrás, lo que hoy es un producto casi obligado en cualquier celebración, las ediciones en el mismo día. No sólo ha sido pionero en los SDE, hoy en día es de los videógrafos más activo en las redes sociales, siendo también premiado por ello. Siempre top entre los tops el otro día podíamos verlo en la misma CNN defendiendo como ha hecho siempre, el papel de videógrafo de bodas.

Desde el respeto a la figura como profesional, y la licencia que me permito desde la amistad, puedo decir que asistir a un taller de Jason es una experiencia sumamente enriquecedora, formativa, educativa y por supuesto, divertida. Los conocimientos adquiridos en sus incontables trabajos, las millas acumuladas en sus zapatos (siempre con estilo) y los casos, en ocasiones complicados de rodar que atesora Jason, los tienen muy pocos videógrafos en el planeta.

No puedo dar por concluido este texto sin dejar de decir, que a pesar de ser todo un icono en la profesión que crece día a día por su constante evolución, lo más admirable de su persona es la cercanía, humildad y cariño que desprende con todos los que le rodean, y eso sólo lo hacen más grande.

Antonio Domingo.

responsable de los talleres de formación para videógrafos de bodas RECVOLUCIÓN

Laverne and Justin

Remember this year’s edict of the Catholic Church to disallow personal vows during the rites of marriage?

It’s funny because I think the most distressed are the videographers. We deem these vows as essential to building the story. Most of the time they make for a more compelling edit.

But it is what it is and you make calmansi juice out of calamansi.

So the best thing any couple can do is MEAN IT. Yes mean it. Not go through the motions. Not get frazzled by the hundreds of people watching. Not get intimidated by the monsignor. Mean when you say I DO. Look at each other in the eye. Hold that hand tighter. Pause and smile.


A Workshop in Melbourne

I will be in Melbourne on August 28-31 2016 for the 2016 NIKON AIPP THE EVENT.
I will lecture on my mindset and process in filming weddings as well as conduct a workshop on Same Day Edit Production.
I’m thrilled to be invited to share my knowledge and experience. And equally proud as a Filipino to speak in an international stage once again.
When you sign up for my session, I promise you an incredible experience worth your time and investment.
Please check out the website for details and pricing –


FA_Jason Magbanua Melbourne Poster

Neil and Camille: A Grand Wedding in Zamboanga

There is a very narrow subset of people in the universe who meet at quite an early age, fall in love, stay together and get married.
The lucky few. The handful fortunate.
Why seek out another when all the questions have been answered?
Why tread new territory when you are most secure and safest with your true north?
The contrary opinion would be the “limiting” nature of the relationship. But no, you learned to fly with that person. And the journey is made more beautiful because you flew together.

San Antonio de Padua

Karla and Edward

Karla requested that she and Edward read their vows separately in the morning just before going to church. The element of surprise for each other was refreshing.
And it was telling how she underscored the kind of love that they had in both her written vows and our candid conversation.
Edward was not grand in his gestures nor public in his affection. But he is there, solid, steady and unwavering. And she verbalizes this in the most eloquent way. She could feel it in her bones.
Plus! Any gal who does Triple H’s crotch drop during the recessional – Wins. Everytime.


Every Sole Counts

Last June, a handful of volunteers flew to Leyte and hiked up to Isabel. We wanted to document the plight of the schoolkids who had to walk their way up to their schools on a daily basis. Most of them had no proper footwear. Some were barefoot.

The message we wanted to communicate is simple. Bring the kids a step closer to their dream of getting a proper education. With the simple act of sponsoring a pair of shoes for the kids.

What drew me to the project was how achievable the goals were and how immediate the impact would be to their lives. It wasn’t a handout. Rather, It was empowering to the children.

It’s a drop in the bucket and the easiest thing to have corporate sponsors on board to get to the goals. But from the very start, we wanted to appeal to the individual.

That you can help out, even in your singularity.
That you can make a difference.

We have to start somewhere.
And the best place to start is ourselves.

Please follow to learn how to help.
And yes – please share this video no end.

Thanks to Trina, Wawa and Miguel for making us part of this endeavor. To new and meaningful friendships!

My endless gratitude to the people who contributed their talents.
Elson and Michael and Jake for hiking up with me to the mountains.
We were huffing and puffing on the way up but we couldn’t let the kids embarrass us.

Thanks to Tin for coordinating the project and Dennis for grading the final film.

And the ever dependable Ken Benitez for the logo.

This video is part of the ?#?jmagwillworkforfree? initiative

Jessica and Jessie: THAT Beautiful Wedding in El Nido

Way back in 2010,   we flew to Paris to film Steph and Chris’ wedding.  In a lot of ways, it was a milestone for me.

First I finally had the chance to explore the famed city.  Second, when we released the highlight film, it solidified the direction I wanted to go to as a wedding filmmaker.  That 10 minuter made manifest my approach as a cinematographer, editor, mood-setter and storyteller.  As an aside, I distinctly remember that this was the very first time I legally licensed music for use in my films.  I always go back to it.  People always go back to it.

Six years after,  it was Steph’s sister’s turn – Jessica.

How does one one follow up Batman Begins?   You do Dark Knight.

Family bonds run strong in the Kienle’s and that remains the framework of the film.  We explore the relationships between bride, groom, mother, sister, friend – all against the backdrop of El Nido, Palawan, also known as “perfection”.  There are layers and layers of words, pauses, sighs and music to take in.   This one deserves a second and third viewing.

Enough of the deconstruction.  Enjoy the film.

#jmagwillworkforfree Results pt. 1

Processed with VSCOcam with g2 preset


When I first announced #jmagwillforfree a couple of months ago, a couple of my reasons were not altruistic at all. Foremost, I needed to brush up and sharpen my skills shooting alone, in preparation for some out of the country shoots I was going to have. I’ve been babied with my team locally and I wanted to re-experience the challenges when I was starting out. “To go back to my roots” like I explained.

I suppose it was also a measure of my reach in social media. After all, nothing was sponsored in the posts but it caught like wildfire just the same. Big media picked it up and the response was nothing short of phenomenal. We had 7000 plus entires and it took a lot of time to go through each one.

Now here’s the magical thing about what happened. And I think it happened because I never really confined the “thing” to weddings alone. I became a magnet for a lot of stories which needed to be told, topics and subjects that could use the medium of video to find an audience.

More than couples wanting their weddings to be filmed, advocacies poured in which I may never have had the chance to know about if I didn’t post about “free”.

And somewhere along the way, more than the buzz generated, I became genuinely excited with the thought of creating something for the betterment of my fellow man (woman).

And with that, I’ll give you a rundown of the projects I will be doing for jmagwillworkforfree

1. In a small town in Leyte, students walk kilometers at a time, barefoot(!), back and forth just to go to school. Next week we will fly out and document their story to share to you in the hopes of raising enough funds to buy each and every student a pair of shoes.

2. I already met Nikko and April last week. They’re set to get married in December this year. April arrested me with prose in Filipino – which I have a soft spot for. Her words –

“Ang point ko lang naman po ay marahil marami sa atin ang naghahanap ng pag-ibig sa maling pananaw. Madalas naghahanap ng mala teleseryeng ala Mula sa Puso ang peg. Ang media nga naman. Ang natagpuan ko po kasing pag-ibig ay boring, nakakatamad subaybayan, di makatawag pansin, hindi romantic…pero totoo at sigurado.”

3. Now this third one – this is special – because she’s single with no immediate Prince Charming in sight. But the funny thing is, we might not even need a Prince for this story. Who says a person can’t be happy by herself? It’s intriguing. Dulce writes –

“It can be a story of fear of never ever getting married at all. It can be a story of hope, of trust in a Plan.I know that being married is NOT the one and only way to spend a meaningful
I know that.There are friends, family, community, yourself.
But still.
It would really be nice if someone knew how you wanted your coffee.”

I got three left so please stay tuned.

Thank you so much to everybody who shared the word and poured their heart out in their entries. All your stories are enriching and I am immensely grateful.


The Wedding of Cris Villonco and Paolo Valderrama

She insisted on riding her own car on the way to the church, foregoing the luxury ones from her dad.

It was a Toyota Innova she was proudly paying for herself.

That was the kind of person she is.  Low key.  Not flashy.  As if all manners of pomp and glamour were displayed on the stage where she let it all hang out.  Only to retreat to her quiet, unassuming, unpretentious cocoon when the curtains go down.

I met her somewhere in Promenade a week before her wedding.  Of course, the first words out of my mouth were “Oh my Cris! This has been a long time coming!  You booked me more than two years ago!.

She quietly mouthed the words, “THAT”S NOT HIM! THAT’S A DIFFERENT GUY!”.   Shaking her head,  controlling her laughter.

Floor.  Eat Jason.  Now.

I shot Paolo a glance, fully expecting a glare (or a beatdown).  Neither happened.   Instead, a sheepish smile.

“It’s fine”  Cris said.  “He knows.”

And that’s the kind of person he is.  Quiet. Dignified.  Understanding.

We talked about their wedding.  How she wanted it uncomplicated.   How she wanted to forego the spinning rings and the flying veils.  She wanted the raw, the real, the truth.   Exactly how we do it.

Cheers to the Baker, and the Baker’s Wife!


At the tail end of the meeting she threw me a curveball.   She requested for a Filipino song.
And thankfully, I was able to obtain permission to use Dahilan by The Benjamins.  Thank
you to the very kind, and the very talented Paolo and Miguel Guico.

Everything happens for a reason.  We might get sidetracked or take a longer route, but in the end, we are better, stronger and wiser persons for it.