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Veluz: The Most Beautiful Dress You Will Ever Wear

Veluz: The Most Beautiful Dress You Will Ever Wear

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The Weddings At Work Filmfest was conceived in 2009 as an event to celebrate WaW as a community.  Two iterations later and it has gone on to pay tribute to wedding suppliers who have made a mark on the industry.  It is difficult for me to write further about this as I am one of two of those suppliers.  The topics are completely and unapologetically arbitrary.  But  are weighed and considered with much thought.

In the future, I  fervently hope that the filmfest evolve into greater scope and deeper substance.

Any chance a wedding videographer gets to screen his work on the big screen is a BIG deal.  It was to me.  These are the same silver screens and seats  they use to show The Theory of Everything and Mad Max (and umm yeah, even for Bride for Rent).  But regardless, the task to make a film  carries much weight.   I take it very seriously.

And I take the topic – Veluz – renowned Filipina wedding gown designer, very very seriously.

It was imperative for me to communicate the “experience” of  Veluz from the bride’s perspective, to ask the right questions, to understand the bond between the bride, the dressmaker and the dress.

I hope you gain that deeper understanding as well after watching the short film.

The leit motif is a naked fitting form.   The most beautiful dress you will ever wear is in Veluz’ mind.  She has created it for past brides and she will continue to imagine and make them for future ones.  That dress is a confluence of the bride’s dreams and aspirations and V’s vision, passion and craft.

You know every interviewer’s go to fail safe question? “Describe someone with one word?”  I couldn’t think of one word – I thought of thwo – Integrity.  Authenticity.  That’s what she is.  That’s what she does.

All along I thought I couldn’t respect or admire Veluz Puno-Reyes any more than I already do.  I was proven wrong after making this.

You may not be a bride.  You may not be part of our little industry.  But whatever you do, whoever you are,  you will gain so much if you watch all the films in the Veluz filmfest.