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Solenn & Nico

Solenn & Nico

Paris Pre Wedding

The shoot was a quick one. Solenn, ever unfussy, wanted a quick e-sesh with not a lot of frills.

The party met up at the Louvre and walked it's way down the Seine, finding its way to Pont des Artes and Notre Dame, and still getting enough free time to get gelato at Bethillion.

This couple. They are the easiest. And this brief story isn't even about the film. It's about what happened in between takes.

Two things stand out.

Sos, I get to call her that now, at least for the meantime, was hesitant to even have her handbag carried by other people, even her close friends. She didn't want to put a burden on anybody. She didn't want to oblige anybody. I know her friends would do anything for her, the least of which carry her bag during a pre wedding photoshoot. But Solenn was apologetic and half embarrassed at the mere suggestion.

And that's the kind of person she is. Polite, humble, never the diva. You see past the beauty, the talent, the intelligence, and you find something more beautiful inside.

Now Nico. We were walking down the right bank and out of nowhere, a bus pulled up and a mother with her baby on a stroller tried to get on it with much difficulty. In one fell swoop, Nico scooped down and grabbed the stroller aiding the young mother.


It happened so fast that the time I took to process what was happening in front of me, Nico was two steps ahead with his actions. A man driven with inherent kindness and selflessness. It was second nature to him.

And then you step back and just flat out admire them.

These two? They good.

Music: Aukai