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Miss Possibilities

Miss Possibilities

A Pageant for Children With Special Needs

For the past few months we've been closely working with Miss Possibilities, an organization who's primary goal is to create awareness and promote true consideration and inclusion for children with special needs or are differently abled.

The main activity is a "pageant" showcasing the kids' talents and abilities. You have no idea how this "simple" activity impacts the child's confidence and raises the awareness and empathy of all those in attendance.

I came into the project with a basic knowledge of children with special needs. The kind that allows me to occasionally post about the campaigns of Target which include kids with DS. Or nod in sympathy to a new parent acquaintance who's son has autism.

Through the process of interviewing parents, spending time with the kids in therapy, filming them in their element, breaking bread with them and being a panelist for the activity, I'm glad to say I'm coming out of it with a richer and deeper understanding of both the children and the parents.

I could not say it any better than Suz can (head of the org) -

"For the next few hours, see past the wheelchairs, different walking gaits, and see how God has perfectly and wonderfully made each child and young adult. We are here to celebrate effort not only abilities. We are here to prove that the word ‘different’ doesn't mean less and the word ‘special’ truly means blessed.""

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Miss Possibilities
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Miss Possibilities 2016 Candidates

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