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Joy and Corey

Joy and Corey

A Wedding in Big Sur, California

There are numerous things memorable about Joy and Corey's wedding.

The picturesque location - a garden cradled between centuries old trees and the Pacific.
The intimacy of a guest count under a hundred, flying from all over the globe.
That trippy funky silent disco necessary to circumvent the local noise ordinances.

But it was the secular ceremony that I remember the most.

I love the idea of a marriage and wedding based on human love, with all it's frailties and imperfections, but always wanting to do better, to give more, and love more.

They had their friend act as officiant, reciting beautiful prose he had written himself and close friends and family, of different states of age and relationships, dispensing advice to the couple. It was amazing.

It was so refreshing to not hear about deities being the center of relationships nor virgins interceding for the couple in troubled times. It was up to the humans.

Enjoy the highlights and watch this space for the full edit.