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Iya Villania & Drew Arellano's Wedding

Iya Villania & Drew Arellano's Wedding

Same Day Edit

It's understandable that celebrities have walls around them to shield their private lives from the prying eyes of the public.

You also get the feeling that for the most part, they are inaccesible.  Busy with their own work and fame.

I was proven wrong.

Iya and Drew are the most humble and friendly as they get.  They don't feel entitled .

They don't preen.  Which makes them all the more beautiful.
They don't demand.  Which makes acceding to their requests easier.
They make the ugliest, funniest faces.  Which make them more charming.

They treat you as friends. Which ironically, makes me a bigger fan.

And believe me, there are numerous things that impress.  Talent and looks are given.  But how they relate to people, how they love their family and friends, and how deeply they regard each other, these are the things that make you adore them even more.

And it's the little things:
How warmly she greeted us when we arrived in the morning, in her jammies, no makeup and unaffected.

How he incessantly invited my team to partake in their lunch.

How you realize that only a small part of the guest list came from the industry, and how media was non-existent.  They weren't putting on a show for anybody, they were celebrating the moment with those most important to them.

I'm truly glad to have filmed these moments.


Music licensed through themusicbed.com
Morning is Coming/Celeste by Les Enfants


Planning:  Chinkie Uy Agregado
Photographs:  MangoRed
Styling:  Teddy Manuel
Couture: Pepsi Herrera/Edwin Tan