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Gabbi Garcia

Gabbi Garcia

Predebut Film

Two things she loves - water and music.
The beach was the obvious location. But the soundtrack! Maaan, we cooked up something different. We recorded her speaking and singing voice, put it through a blender of effects, sampled it and put it over beats. (Think Diplo, Skrillex, JB). Et voila! Something fresh and different. Full film released on Dec 6.

We recorded Gabbi's voice, sampled it and laid down the beats for an epic predebut film.

Happy birthday Gabbi!


Film: Jason Magbanua
Music: Tim and Co.
Photographs: Blufish
Set Design and Art Direction: RabbitHole Creatives
Makeup: Madge Landrito Lejano
Couture: Michael Leyva. Rob Lim. Veluz.