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Vern and Ben

Seven Out of Eight

Vern Enciso and Ben Lim's wedding in Shangri-la Mactan

Vern had a laundry list of things she was looking for in a man to marry. Of course it wasn’t apparent at first that Ben ticked all the boxes, but slowly and surely he did.  And that became the crux of her vows as featured in her wedding film.  Seven out of eight – with both of them expectantly ticking off the 8th and final item.

(All photos on this post are courtesy of our friends over at myMetrophoto.com)

Vern and Ben

It was a rainy day in Mactan but that wasn't enough to dampen anyone's spirits, especially Vern's.

As per usual, we started the day quite early, umbrellas in tow.  The bride preps location was actually new to me as I’ve never filmed in this huge villa at the Chi Spa in Shang Mactan.  It was superbly appointed and I actually heard they’re opening it up right now to brides getting married there in light of the adjusted operations of the spa.

You coudn’t tell if it was Uluwatu or Lapu-Lapu just by the pictures alone.

It was an early ceremony at 1pm so the time flew by rapidly as we hit noon.  Some quick notes:
1.  Her gown, made by Mark Bumgarner was inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s in Sex.

2.  Vern and Ben are devoted fur parents,  their doggies couldn’t come so they had tiny busts of them made to be pinned on her bouquet and his boutonniere.

3.  Vern was so used to cameras but Ben held his own.  He was game for every location and every pose from us and Oly. Big props!

4.  The fireworks were a surprise from Ben’s cousin.

5.  There was a video team for their vlog and a video team for Metrophoto.  Could have been chaos but we almost ALWAYS had a clean field of view.  Respect was given respect was gotten.

6.  Stanz Catalan, our planner, had to re-construct the tent for the reception 24 hours before the wedding day because of wild winds two days ago.  That meant Gideon had to do the setup twice over. But the team came up CLUTCH and delivered.


Such a amazing wedding. For a moment, all is right in the world. -