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Solenn Heusaff & Nico Bolzico

Solenn Heusaff & Nico Bolzico

The Wedding Highlights

Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico

At my age, it’s tough to remember events from a year past.  The issue is compounded if you proceed to get smashed at the after party.  Mr. Pat Dy has enough pictures of me to ruin my career but I’ve bribed him enough so far.

What I can tell you is that this trip to France was truly high high up there.  From stealing pre-wedding photos around Paris, a four hour drive to Combourg at 170 kph,  eating halal food in the small city (of all places!), and putting on our game faces to document the very busy, Sometimes crazy, mostly emotional, often times hilarious wedding day of Solenn and Nico.

The vid has been ready for quite some time, but Solenn asked ever so nicely to hold off release unit their first year anniv. And so here we are.

And please do check out her brand new site,  you knew she can paint,  let me tell you now she can write too!  Solenn.ph


Oh let me leave you with this gem.

I made a quick and dirty edit of SosBolz’ Paris Pre-Wedding at our chateaux in Combourg.  Around the same time, a few peeps were hanging out at our place including Mark, John and Anne.   Umm,  Anne swooned over the piece and was very forthright in telling everybody in the room that tying the knot was in the horizon.  It was all just up to Erwan to make the next move.