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Judith and Albert

Judith and Albert

A Wedding in Mary the Queen

Energy begets energy and the wedding of Judith and Albert did not want.

Judith had all the reason to be exasperated what with the incessant rain, the earthquake early that day (she was at the 25th floor) and the impending re-imposition of stricter quarantine guidelines.

That’s a lot!

But she took everything in stride and focused on the essential – looking SUPERBLY GORGEOUS on her wedding day. I kid – it’s marrying Albert of course!
She even managed to surprise him with a Civic as a wedding present in an elaborately orchestrated ruse.

There was that happening, you got a crazy bunch of friends at both the groom and bride’s room (the ladies well louder/wilder IMHO, you had the boundless energy from Judith herself, and a crazy start to the reception dinner.

Had a fun time doing this, and to tell you the truth, it’s been a while that we’ve filmed a wedding this “normal”. You get what I mean. Enjoy!