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Jmag:  Will Work For Free

Jmag: Will Work For Free


Let’s agree on one thing.  Some of the best things in life are free,  your favorite app,  that donut in Krispy Kreme when you fall in line and your dog’s excited yapping when you come home at night.

Hell, even my services can be free!  For real.  It’s not April 1st, it’ already the 5th.

I’ll do it.  Just for you.

Just me. One camera. One man. One story.  Your story.  Send me a pitch.

I’d like to go back to my roots, shooting alone.  It’s a creative exercise for me, a not too foreign experiment.  As for the output, expect something different as well.  Prepare to be be surprised.  We’ll pick a couple.  Maybe a few.

Send me details. Locations, logistics.   Your vision of your wedding or whatever your event is.  I’m listening.  It doesn’t need to be local,  I can travel.

I’ll drive, I’ll fly.  I’ll ride a canoe.   Let’s arrange it.  A good meal would be appreciated but great coffee is a must.  

Your wedding (or not) doesn’t need to be one of a kind,  nor push boundaries.  The only thing  it needs to be is compelling.    To inspire people to love.   Or to make people understand.


Fill out the form below – I’m excited.


Please DO NOT send me an email or FB message for this.  Let’s keep it through the form.  Thanks.