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Harriette and Fritz

Harriette and Fritz

A Story of Second Chances

Stay with me for a moment ok? Don’t click  X.

“Pagod na pagod na akong masaktan”.

This is the stuff of long drawn out tele-novelas on primetime.  A last straw plea of a hero (heroine) fed up with with the cards dealt to her in life.  It’s common in soaps.

It was jarring to hear it in real life.


Harriette and Fritz's Same Day Edit

Even with all the familiarity and the cliche wrapped around the line – hopelessness and helplessness pierced through.  It was uncomfortable to hear.  Painful even.


But ALL WEDDING VIDEOS have a happy ending. 

And it was exhilirating to hear that she met a person who taught her to dream and hope again.

And again, that’s the stuff of movies.  Full circle.  Amazing.

Folks, this stuff happens in real life.


*all images courtesy of Quincy John of Hayag Photography