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The Mystery of the Stolen Heart

The Mystery of the Stolen Heart

Jason Magbanua x BridalBook

As with all crazy ideas, I believe this one also started with a dare.  Would they or wouldn’t they?

BridalBook.ph asked me and Madge if we wanted to participate in short film they were doing with Derek Yee.  By participate, they meant act.  By act they meant an ultimate dramatic performance.

Hey, do anything at least once right?   It was a yes.

I mean, how could you say no?  They had a great whodunit concept in the tradition of Cluedo and we were performing side by side with industry friends.

Acting was tough.  I’d prefer to be behind, not in front.  But it still was an awesome experience and I glad we did it.

File this under Romantic Thriller Comedy Suspense.

We’re ready to receive the Urian. – http://www.bridalbook.ph/promos/the-mystery-of-the-stolen-heart

(Poster image by Paul Vincent)