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On becoming Jason Magbanua

On becoming Jason Magbanua


This imagery I’ve been presented with is at odds with the dapper, perpetually put-together Jason Magbanua sitting across me. This Jason Magbanua, known to be the wedding film game-changer, the holy grail of wedding videographers, taking what used to be an act of mere documentation and turning it into a veritable art form.

With clients that read like a who’s who of Philippine showbiz, it’s hard to imagine Jason being any less put together than he is today.

Heavily immersed in video production in his college days, Jason already knew that his passion was visual storytelling. It would seem serendipitous that his very first (and only) job interview was for a position he had always wanted — to be an editor in a prestigious post production house. It would seem that at this point in Jason’s story, the stars had already lined up for him; but he would decide otherwise.


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It started with a compelling desire to say ‘NO’ to his dream job

photo by Luis Macalinao