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Georgina Wilson May 2016

Georgina Wilson May 2016

Preview x Jason Magbanua‬

Georgina gets married!

Had the lovely opportunity to film Ms. Wilson’s last Preview Magazine cover as a single lady.

Watch out for the wedding film we also shot in Winchester, UK.

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Miss Wilson is now officially Mrs. Burnand. But before George tied the knot yesterday, she talked quite candidly to Preview about her short but undeniably sweet and serendipitous love story with Arthur. In this exclusive behind-the-scenes reel from our May cover shoot, also shot by Jason Magbanua and his team, George poses in decadent Bulgari and Cartier pieces (even in a bathrobe!), and shares a moment with Liz Uy a couple of weeks before her wedding weekend. But listen well, because she shares why becoming Mrs. Burnand just came so naturally and ultimately felt so right.

Preview x Jason Magbanua

Georgina gets married!