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Year 19

Year 19


Bridal Fair in Intramuros - 2000

It’s year 19 for me doing weddings.  It’s an approximate really, almost arbitrary.

I shot my first wedding in 97.  I did it as a side hustle for a couple of years but always consider Y2K as the start of it all.  It’s when I decided to quit the day job and go full time.  Tough decision then but betting on myself paid off.

Now year 19 is staring me in the face,  20 is just around the corner.  It makes me sentimental.

There is an immense sense of accomplishment and pride, a great satisfaction to be able to serve a couple of thousands of people in love. And yet a nagging thought to find out what comes next.  You see, though I am a forward thinker,  I never was a future planner.  Nineteen years went by with me adapting, and playing hands I’ve been dealt and usually coming up on top.

I guess, this is me declaring that there’s still so much to be done and accomplished –  More couples to serve,  perhaps finally get down and shoot that narrative,  produce more work other than weddings, make sure that the brand lives on with or without me.

Next year is going to be monumental.  I’m scared and excited, but bring it on.