Jason Magbanua
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I have something for you

I have something for you

the Jmag Box

When I tell you this was painstaking. I mean that it WAS painstaking.

It took a lot of months of conceptualization – figuring out what I really needed (function) and presenting it in the most beautiful manner possible (form).

It was also a lot of back and forth between the printers and ourselves. Is the thickness correct? Shall we spot laminate this? Where do we put the USB? Is this paper available in the Philippines?

Much credit of course goes to the designers – EVERYWHERE WE SHOOT for putting this together. And putting up with me.

The main box is a double gatefold. The inside left contains the disc format of the final video. The center slots contain additional disc copies.

The inside right holds our premium USB key containing the data versions. All embedded within our mantra, our code of filmmaking.

In one of the folds are representations of who I am and what I do – a curated gallery of material objects. They don’t define me as a person. They are merely products of my personality.

Everything is contained in a sleeve.

I promise you – it won’t look out of place in your living space.

Show it off. Be proud.

Many aspire. Very few acquire.