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3 Consecutive CEA Golds Deserve Something Special

3 Consecutive CEA Golds Deserve Something Special


Ok I have to admit.  The first time around she may have been lucky.  Second time, she may have found her stride.  But third straight?  Step away people, she is not to be messed with.

Cecile Garcia Alday has been the Gold winner for the ceremony category of the past three WEVA CEAs.

Something as extraordinary as that deserves something special.  Let the pictures from Paul Vincent and Ayvih tell the story.

 {Do I look happy?  Perhaps.  Until the next billing cycle.}

{T'was a look of genuine surprise.  Priceless}

{There was a suspenseful moment where everybody else was trying to find out if it was really just a box}

{PS Cecile, "You're fired"}

{She was hyperventilating.  There was no brown paper bag available}

And with that folks we take a hiatus from the CEAs.  I'm building a new crop of youngsters for next year's competition.  Cheers!