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Jason Magbanua Workshop in General Santos City

Jason Magbanua Workshop in General Santos City

A Wedding Filmmaking Workshop

VENUE:Avior Hotel, General Santos City
DATE: February 20, 2019 (Wednesday), 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

I know it’s short notice but it was a recent but logical decision made to hold my own workshop after Tapok (with the blessing of the organizers of course).

It’s unfortunate that I am not able to go to the Mindanao area as much as I would like to for learning expereinces, but the opporutnity presented itself this February and I seized it.

1. Intro, Philosophy and MIndset. Translating your Vision.
2. Building a Story.
3. Technical Aspects – Tools/Camerawork/Sound Acquisition/Grading
3. Conceptualizing
4. Marketing and Branding/Packaging/Web/Social Media
5. QA

The workshop will provide a groundwork for shooting skills and techniques as well as how to put everything together in a solid and compelling edit.

More importantly, I will discuss the frame of mind a wedding filmmaker needs to have in filming a wedding. From the moment that you knock on the bride’s suite ’til the time people start to hit the dance floor. A focus on the “why” rather than “how.”

I will explain to you the most overused phrase in the industry – “Tell the story”. And what it means to me.

Time will be given to the dissection and analysis of a Same Day Edit, from conception to logistics, execution to presentation.

Then we talk about marketing, how to effectively, communicate to your targeted clientele through various channels including the new media.

We talk about the customer experience and how this is equally important as the product itself. When you think about it, IT IS part of the product.

Finally, we talk about inspiration and passion. How the hell have I been doing this for 16 years and still enjoying every bit of it. I would like you to see what I see. Find out why I look for moments and emotion primarily before angles and movement.

Php 12,000
Fees include all workshop materials, food, sponsor giveaways and my love and affection.

To reserve a slot, kindly register through this link:

Only fully paid participants are secured of a slot in the workshop.

Thanks again. If you have other concerns, kindly let us know.
email learn@jasonmagbanua.com