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Mara & Elo

Mara & Elo

True Love

This wedding is not special because Elo has dwarfism.

It isn't special because they had the most uniquely beautiful setup at the reception.

It was beautiful and special because, stripped down to its essence, this was about true love.
Frikkin'  TRUE LOVE.   Now that's heavy.  I don't even bandy that word around too much here.  But it truly was.

Taken out of context - "I will never grow tired of scratching your back" - may be perceived as shallow and a tad bit comical.  But the gravity of these words took the collective breath out of the people in the church.  Including mine.

That was the one punch, here was the knockout  -

"I promise to be the arms that you need to reach for the stars."

I don't cry at weddings.  Goddamnit!

But yesterday I did.


Church: St. Andrew
Recep: Manila Peninsula
Music licensed through http://www.themusicbed.com
Our Love by Seryn

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