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Liza & Aiza

Liza & Aiza

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“You both will never imagine how much braver and kinder the Philippines is because you chose each other.” – Gang Badoy Capati, No truer words were said at Aiza and Liza’s wedding in Batangas.

No truer words were said at Aiza and Liza’s wedding in Batangas.

Most of you know that they had their first wedding in the state of California last December. They had to because there it was legal and not the least frowned upon.

But most family and friends were here in the country and they could not not have an event here. Here where it is not legal, not allowed, “immoral”, and where a thousand sacred eyebrows will raise at the mere thought of a same sex marriage.

Yet they did as well. Because they were stubborn, because they were brave and the most important of all, because they were in love.

There was no officiating pastor or minister at the beach where they got married on, just a couple of friends who spoke about Aiza and Liza and their relationship.

But the profession of love and commitment between the couple moved everybody to tears, EVERYBODY, including this videographer. The love was overflowing and genuine, it was shared and felt by everyone in attendance. It was pure. Because like I said before, it knows no race, religion nor gender. If anybody dares to condemn what happened that afternoon as wrong and immoral, I’d happily burn in “hell” for it.

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