Jason Magbanua
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Kai and Eco

Kai and Eco

Wedding Highlights

Kai and Eco

The backstage of a rock and roll stage is the unlikeliest petri dish for a romantic relationship.

They don't call it sex drugs and rock and roll for nothing.

But Kai and Eco made it work, the operative word being - "made". Not luck, not fortune, not happenstance.

It was a conscious and deliberate effort. Not without its difficulties and frustrations. Not without the fights and differences, the compromises and sacrifices.

And now here we are.

Kai and Eco got married.

They blossomed, despite the loud music, the difficult schedules, the demands of making it as a musician, the steroetype of a rock and roll lifestyle.

(And yes despite the 3 brothers and the General dad).

The beautiful piece of music at the end is written, performed and recorded by the amazing Ben and Ben.

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