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Jessica and Kevin's Wedding in Batanes

Jessica and Kevin's Wedding in Batanes

Breathtaking Basco Batanes

Ok so where do I begin? There's so much to say.

First- Batanes. Still breathtaking after the xth trip.
I believe it's my fifth in a span of 24 months and the feeling remains the same - one of awe and peace.

In a recent Instagram post I mentioned that I felt a deep connection to the place, she keeps me at peace, even for just a few days. And I always have a clear mind going back.

It's a big challenge organizing a wedding there, but people who do swear that it's worth it. I'm inclined to agree.

So now there was the "tiny" matter of flights. Long story short - the airline cancelled the flight the day before the wedding leaving my team, the planner, the photographers and the family of the bride stuck in Clark.

This was a biggie because there was just one flight going in and out from that airline to Basco Airport. They were relying on the promise that the plane will fly ON THE DAY OF the wedding (weather permitting).

I was fortunate to have taken a different airline the day before. I was given a loaner camera to be able to shoot the pre-wedding dinner at the lighthouse.

I made do. Jessica and Kevin made do. All the guest who arrived made do. We took everything in stride, shrugged off what we couldn't control and had a great time. That made this trip extra memorable.

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