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Sky at Vient

Sky at Vient

Isang Pagmumuni-muni

The initial plan for the pre-wedding shoot was to have three locations spanning Gensan, Siargao, and Sagada. That didn’t pan out because of scheduling problems.  We settled for a couple of days in GenSan and the neighbouring areas.  They asked for a concept film but up until the actual shoot date, I was still wrangling my mind for that one great idea.


So we found ourselves in the middle of an expansive pineapple field, the couple decked out in full fashion ensembles.  The images were pretty, perfect for photos.  But I found our footage lacking in any real depth and story.  But for long time followers, you know how I roll right?  I need something meatier, something with more substance.

And then it rained, big drops poured out from the gray skies driving everybody in a mad frenzy, hiding for cover, protecting the equipment, staying dry.

And because of some primal (inexplicable) urge, I whipped out my mobile phone and filmed Vient, sweeping Sky off her feet, carrying her on his arms and shoulder,  trying hard to protect her from the elements, keeping her safe.

Thats when I had my a-ha moment.

This is what matters.  That moment.  Them.  This.

These people, Sky and Vient, they’re willing to fly in a the photo video team all across the Philippines for pictures. They went several times to Dubai to fit the gown.  They turned a convention center inside a mall into an enchanted forest.  They had Douglas Frikkin Nieras choreograph the opening sequence of the reception.  They flew in Bizu to cater for Chrissakes!  (Teena, I don’t know how you controlled all this).

So much trapping.  So much shine.  So much glitter.

But what happens when everything fades and dulls?   What will be left?

Disclosure.   I tried to write this.  But my prose was rusty but I knew what I wanted so I sought help.  Luckily,  the blossoming spoken word artist community introduced me to Henri Igna, a soft-spoken,  extremely talented wordsmith, who cranked out the first draft within 48 hours.  It was beautiful!  But like most spoken word pieces, the magic didn’t really come through ’til the piece was recorded.  And boy,  cutting the material in preparation for the same day edit gave me goose bumps.   I knew we were gonna kill it.

Abuse the replay button on this one folks.

Sky and Vient