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Save It All

Save It All

Marie France x I Can Serve

My mother is a cancer survivor. So let me get that out of the way.

That was in the late nineties. She went through it strong and determined. She has the scars (literally and figuratively) to prove it. Two decades after that episode in her life and she still has the strength and chutzpah to call out her sons for not eating properly and on time, spoiling her grandkids rotten and making sure she gets to haggle the best por kilo prices at the wet market. Tough cookie she is.

So when I got the opportunity to do an advocacy film for Marie France in partnership with I Can Serve Foundation, I jumped at the chance.

This film is a message of hope and strength for all women battling the big C. Dawn Zulueta says it best – You are not alone.

A note on the song. It was already a week of deliberating which song to use for the piece when we chanced upon this Marie Hines original. I was giddy of course because I am a fan of her body of work. Please support her and go buy her music. It was awesome that the licenses were cleared in time and that we had no less than Ms. Lea Salonga re-record it. Stars aligning – there couldn’t be a more apt description.

So now you’ve watched the film. You were moved. You feel something. What next then?
Head on to I Can Serve Foundation and find out how you can help.


Thank you to Marie France, all the gracious and giving ambassadors, Nikoy and Patty, our tough survivors on screen, Marie Hines for allowing us to use your beautiful song.