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Kaye and James

Kaye and James

This is my home.

I spent a great amount of time with Kaye and James whist filming their pre-wedding/love story in Balesin.   Interactions like this are usually awkward at the start, you know, asking a new acquaintance deeply personal questions about life decisions (marriage!) made in the past year or so.

But we hit the ground running, owing to the fact that I and Kaye have been exchanging messages the past few months.  The initial plan was to shoot in Sydney,  where they are really from.  (Long story, but my work visa got denied so a friend had to cover for me, thanks Simon!).  But Balesin more than made up for that.

As expected, Kaye was the more verbose of the two, but James had more than a  few gems to cough up.

I absolutely love these conversations.  For a good half hour, I get to see what’s in these people’s hearts and minds, what makes them get along, what their struggles are, and how they triumph over them.  And it makes me hopeful.   Beyond all else, I’m honored with this sacred trust.

The Love Story of Kaye and James

At the tail end of the interview,  Kaye expressly mentions,  and was quire adamant to let me know that during her first few years in Sydney, when home sickness would kick in and the loneliness would gnaw at her,  her reprieve was watching Jason Magbanua wedding videos.

You see places and emotions that bring warmth into your lonely nights when you're away without your loved ones. -

And that absolutely blew me away, to realize that wedding videos,  even if it’s other than your own, can be a piece of home.

Photos courtesy of Pat Dy Photography.

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