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The WeddingsAtWork Community

The WeddingsAtWork Community


Can you believe we’ve been doing wedding videos full time for nine years now? NINE YEARS!

Me and Pang were still dating then.
Jakob and Lukas weren’t even conceived yet (not in the tummy nor the mind).
We were holed up in a 20 sq. m. studio unit.
I was still delivering in VHS.
Raves were all the rage (ABGs!).


(our 2nd bridal fair in Intramuros – 2001)

We love to look back and reminisce at our beginnings.  And without fail, we always find WeddingsAtWork to be inextricably tied to our history.

It was a W@wie who stumbled upon our analog work in Quezon province.
It was a W@wie who posted our name and contact details in the still to explode world wide web.
Our first several gigs were all W@wies, people who booked us out of sheer trust and a glimmer of talent.

And so how can you not put your heart and soul into creating a piece to thank back a community who has given so much?

The Weddings At Work Community from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all the people who helped in the production of this video.

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