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For You Are Mine

For You Are Mine

Nikki and Paolo

Paolo and Nikki: For You Are Mine from For You Are Mine on Vimeo.

First of all, let me tell you about For You Are Mine Wedding Films. It’s a long time coming and frankly I don’t understand why I haven’t written about it the past year. Perhaps I was busy with my own thing, perhaps it wasn’t time yet. But here we are now, February 2013, and nothing could be more perfectly timed.

Drumroll please: presenting For You Are Mine Wedding Films!

A talented young bunch full of visions and ideas. A group of people who will tell the story of your wedding, masterfully thought of and creatively executed. They have years of experience tucked under their belt and a passion to tell stories in new and exciting ways.

The short of it is this, If I am booked, For You Are Mine will do a spectacularly awesome job with your big day.

Feel free to explore the spankin’ new site, make yourself comfortable and let us know what you think.


Now let me tell you about Paolo Bugia and Nikki Syyap. Wait hold on, I won’t tell you, watch for yourself…

And this my friends is uber collaborative work! Jason Magbanua x FYAM


Written and directed by Jason Magbanua
Cinematography by For You Are Mine Wedding Films
Make-up and styling by The Tipping Point Collective