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Denise & Michael

Denise & Michael

A Wedding at The Lind Boracay

Denise and Michael.

We've been finding ourselves in and out of Boracay the past several months but we aren't complaining. It's a much bigger, more efficient runway/airport now at Caticlan which makes for a much better experience flying into the island.

The white sand, the fiery sunsets, the lovestruck couples who get married there - they never get old.

The snobs will complain about the density of the people and how commercial Boracay has become, but believe you me, the magic is still there.

Sitting down by the beach during sunset will STILL take your breath away, you'd STILL hate to leave. And as for me? - filming weddings there will always be magical.

Take a look at Denise and Michael's wedding.

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