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Amanda and Anton

Dad “almost” stole the show

Mr. Tengco was funny, he was commanding and witty.  He did a 15+ minute speech that left everybody craving for more.  And he was also the first one to offer us coffee arriving at the picturesque Sta Elena in Laguna.

Of course I say almost because, yes, almost.  Undoubtedly, it was Amanda’s glow which permeated the entire day. The father took a back seat to the daughter, (if only for one day).  Anton was steady during preps but “kinda lost it” during the march.

It was our first time to shoot at St. Benedict’s at Sta. Rosa.  It was beautiful!  A bit strict but manageable. The reception venue, Montecito,  was absolutely, massively impressive (see the double adverbs I used?)  The grounds were covered in an acrylic structure held up by trusses from all corners.  It looked like one of the main stages in Coachella.

I haven’t mentioned that Amanda works with Gaita Fores (who was Ninang).   And her family at Cibo d’ M took care of cocktails and dinner. Check out this clip of their beautiful wedding.