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Cherish and Edric

I get to marry my prom date!

Cherish is the fourth sibling of the Ong family that we’ve had the pleasure to shoot.  There was Candice (2003), Jasper (2008) and Jevon (2009).  This year was Cherish’s turn.  The honor of serving a family for that long makes me happy and proud.  It’s a testament to the kind of work that we do and the level of service we provide our clientele.

Though I won’t even begin to speculate how hold Cherish was when her big sister got married.  What I do know is that their love story is one for the ages!   They met during high school and were actually together at the Senior Prom (together together.  not together together).  They lost touch, lived their own lives and reconnected.   What can I say? –  the flames were rekindled.

Now let me tell you about Edric the groom.   Ironically, he is an old soul and a visionary at the same time.  He turned me on to LP records – vinyl.  I knew at the back of my mind that this eventually will happen.  I grew up with my Dad’s records blaring every Sunday morning, his pale pilsen in hand (from Wings to James Last to Deep Purple).  This was just something somebody had to, well, rekindle.

Edric is one of the founding partners of Satchmi. A niche online store for analog music but soon venturing out to other lifestyle products.  It’s infectious how he talks about his passion for all this.  You can’t help but believe.

After our first meeting, he sent me a Motorino (their entry level turntable) and the love affair blossomed.  I’ve long since upgraded to a better system (thanks to Jeff) but you never forget your first.

Let Me Tell You About Fast Forward 2012

But first let me tell you that:

1.  I don’t own a vest.
2.  My abs are more defined
3. and I do have a belt like that.

Major props to Mr. JP Cuison for the artwork below.

Fast Forward is the brainchild of Jayson and Joanne Arquiza, good friends of mine who happen to be great wedding photographers as well.

I shared the stage with commercial directors Avid Liongoren, Sid Maderazo & Lyle Sacris. Motion graphics experts Acid House, DOP JA Tadena and fellow wedding videographer Sheena from Mayad.

I honestly think they overshot all expectations. Kudos to them.

But that’s actually not the point.

The conference got me thinking. And this is always my schtick when giving lectures and talks. It’s a consistent thing I say because it’s something I firmly believe in. Something I lived through from the day I started doing what I do.

Wedding Videography has come a long way in the country. And I’m especially proud of that fact.

This is the first and only time I have committed this to writing. I don’t know why it took so long.

To be able to share the speaking stage with renowned commercial directors is in itself a statement. It means we are respected and recognized. Worthy of the attention and time of the participants. Twelve years (when I was starting out) ago we weren’t. Wedding videographers were at the bottom rung of film and video production, if ever they were considered at the ladder at all.

Twelve years ago, wedding video was an afterthought in this country, after the budget was spent on flowers and invites.
Now we are booked after the venue and often times before the photographer.

An “expensive videographer” was an oxymoron back then. You never spent for video. And a quality output was not expected. It was there for the sake of, not for any aesthetic or production value at all.

But because of hard work, dedication, talent and perseverance of the industry as a whole – the standards, output, respect, professionalism and creativity are all bars that have been raised.

It’s a great time to be a wedding videographer. I’m glad I do what I do.



Karrie and Ian

Twelve years in the making

So last week we had an awesome wedding in Tagaytay. I was going to use the word “stupendous” but you might think I’m exaggerating, but really I’m not.

The couple were already together for twelve years, they were going to get married in one of the most beautiful chapels in thecountry, they had picture perfect weather and the wedding had freakin’ swords!!! The ingredients of a perfect wedding (and SDE).

It was a thrill to screen the SDE because every other shot merited cheers (shouting, guffaws, heckling) from the intimate crowd. ‘Twas a beautiful sight to behold.

Music licensed through
I Can Feel Your Hearbeat (feat. Jordan Frye) by A New Normal

Keane Live in Manila

I’m truly thankful to the promoters for bringing in great acts to Manila past few years.  Though I’m not a Katy Perry nor Gaga fan, I appreciate the diversity and the delight they bring to fans much much younger than I am.

Though I’m not about to buy tickets to the next America nor Sergio Mendes concert, I’m glad they just recently brought in one of my favorite acts – Keane.

I caught them once before and I’m glad I was able to dig up old pics.  This was taken during the Bangkok leg of the Iron Sea tour in 2006-

There’s something special about British bands that draw me to them.  I have loved Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Stone Roses, Smiths and Suede, Bloc Party, Gang of Four and the Specials.

The pic below was taken in last week’s gig at the SMX Arena.  (photo courtesy of Madge Lejano).

Excepting the obvious – the Beatles – who’s your favorite British music act?

Martin Jickain and Maggie Tirol

Catching up and a wedding in Boracay.

Well we have  a lot of catching up to do don’t we?

Do you know that Green day song?   “Wake me up, when September ends?”.  Kinda like been in that mode the past couple of months.  The last pat of the year has kicked in and so is the workload at HQ.

Apart from the usual weddings, we’ve also been quietly making videos for fashion label Penshoppe the past year.  We were fortunate enough to have shot celebrities Ed Westwick, Mario Maurer and Ian Somerhalder.  Scheduling prevented us from shooting Leighton Meester and Zac Efron in Hollywood, but we still took care of editing duties.

The massive culminating event this year was Zac Efron’s Fan Conference at the SMX Arena.  The video demands were many and stringent.  Glad we could oblige.

photo courtesy of Penshoppe

Of course that doesn’t stop us from dong what we do best right?  And so right in the middle of chaos we quietly slipped off to Boracay to shoot the wedding of a dear friend’s sister.   It was a roller coaster of emotions for most people attending the wedding.  I suppose that’s how it is when you truly and deeply love the persons involved.  It was hard not to shed a tear.

Here’s Martin Jickain and Maggie Tirol’s wedding.

Anna and AJ

A Wedding in Los Angeles

Ahh dear readers, I have missed you so.

Stormy weathers have impacted out internet big time preventing us from uploading your weekly dose of wedding films. I have plenty of new stuff to share and I’m quite excited to reveal them one by one over the coming weeks.

And so if you’ve been following me on Twitter (@jasonmagbanua), you would know I just came from Los Angeles to film a wedding for a dear friend (in the process having the couple become friends as well).

If you film as well,  you would know the pressures associated with shooting an event for somebody close to you.  Not only was Loyd Calomay (super wedding filmmaker from LA + EventDv 25 All Star )  AJ’s cousin but the groom himself and his friends were part of the Fil-Am indie film circle.  But you can take them away from them the Philippines, but you can’t take the Philippines out of them.  Everybody was warm and friendly and accommodating.  We were with family.

It wasn’t tough to put out your best with them as your audience.

I was lucky enough to have Randy of Colour Craft Media shoot with me as well as friends over at Our Digital Studio who drove all the way from Stockton.  Much appreciated guys!

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Oh My Soul by SisterBrother

May and Berts

Angeles City, Pampanga + The Case of the Missing Bracelet

I swear to Buddha I felt like I was in a Mumford and Sons music video while shooting this wedding.

The theme was Hipster meets Haight-Ashbury drizzled with a good mix of indie.   The result was a lot of fun, a lot of love and a lot of booze.

May asked for this DCFC tune that fit perfectly with the wedding day.  Enjoy!


Now on to the second half of the story .

We had the most spectacular grassy field as backdrop for the photo session with Mango Red after the ceremony.  The green Volks Kombi (the bridal vehicle) also proved to be a great set piece.

Off we shot and off we went to the reception for the dinner and party.  The program was over and the remaining guests were happily drinking and singing the night away.

I sat next to Mango Al.  Wanting to ask what time we should take our leave.

Before I could ask he opened up the conversation mentioning that the Bride has been distraught since the start of the reception because of a lost diamond encrusted bracelet.

Wow.  That is a bummer.

Just then and there, an Encyclopedia Brown moment hit me.

I asked:  “Al, can’t we take a look at your pictures and see the precise moment it went loose and fell off?  I knew exactly where to start scanning pictures because I distinctly remember seeing Mango Ryan fix May’s sleeve during the pictorial and the moment I got nearly blinded by the diamonds.  And so this – (all photos courtesy of MangoRed).

The bracelet, from here on in shall be referred to as Exhibit A, is clearly strapped to her right wrist.  This was around 5:41 pm based on the camera time stamp.

We move to a different nearby location by 5:45.  Yep.  It’s still there.

That is the last to be scene of the article.  By 5:48, nobody notices that Exhibit A has fallen off.

Elementary my dear Watson! (Benedict Cumberbatch not Downey of course).  The bracelet must have fallen off between 5:45 and 5:48, within that perimeter!

Let’s go Al and Chinkie (the wedding planner)!  Let us save the day and be heroes.  Let us reclaim this lost treasure and make the bride happy again!


Joanna’s 18th Birthday (and then some)

Hey All! Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everybody’s having a good one!

I kinda figured you frequent my blog because you’re a believer of love and forever. (Or maybe you just want to watch other people’s weddings :p).

But hey, there’s room here for the jaded too. Don’t worry kids, as I can personally attest, there is ALWAYS a silver lining, no matter how bad the circumstances are now.

To share what we’ve been up to these days – we’re just waiting for the furniture in the new office, curtains and then we launch.  I’m loving every square inch of it and I know for sure you will too.

Remember the shoot we had in Paris?  I’ve delivered that to my gorgeous couple and they love it to bits (Fanboy mode:  KC Concepcion even expressed her excitement to watch it, through the bride’s Facebook wall).  Well the real news here is that I took an extra step and I am now having it color graded by an award-winning colorist who did work for Mano Po, Muro Ami, Jose Rizal, Forever and a Day and Serbis (among others).   I hop to have it by this week to upload.

That’s about it so far, enjoy the lavishly extravagant or extravagantly lavish 18th Birthday of gorgeous Joanna.  I’ll see you on Twitter and Facebook mmkay?

Music by Chelsea Lankes – Let Love Be
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Ryan and Juday

Press: Official Lomography Magazine

I stumbled upon this link from the official Lomography Online magazine – click here.

It was published last October and I was so stoked yesterday when I came across it.  Hannah and Rob was my first foray into the medium.

The film above is the pinnacle of my work with Super 8 – Ryan and Juday’s –

But I have an ace up my sleeve.  Slowly but surely, I’m wrapping up the Super 8 wedding of videographers extraordinaire Phoeben and Gen Teocson.  That is coming very soon.

2012?! Wth!

First!  Happy new year everybody!  It’s amazing how the holiday season came and went in a blink of an eye.

It’s another year and we’re pretty excited with the things we have to offer and the videos about to be created.  The new office is 90% complete, just the finishing touches then the furniture comes in.

Here’s our new telephone line by the way – +632.8957687.


Early in the year, we made this quaint little highlights video of a highly imaginative couple Kai and Cy –

Their Bora Hop Wedding was truly one of a kind.

March 2011 was a milestone in my life and career. The good folks over at WeddingsAtWork, held Bio: Jason Magbanua. It was a filmfest participated in by the best and brightest in the industry. Five short films were screened at Power Plant Cinema detailing my personal life, career and “influence” (whatever that means). Here’s the piece from Threelogy…

Thank you to all the people who were part of this event.

April was awesome for me and my two boys because for the very first time, I was able to take them to the US. We did the whole Southern California tour (Legoland, SD Zoo, Disneylad, Universal). It was refreshing to be able to fly out with no work. I thought it would be a challenge handling a 9 and 5 year old but I managed. It was a proud moment for me as a father. It was hella fun of course!

Not even recovering from jetlag after touchdown from LA, I needed to fly out to Sanya, China to film our very first Indian wedding. It was tiring yet fulfilling experience, made all the more fun because we shot with Metrophoto. The celebrations and ceremonies were epicly massive, or massively epic, you pick.

My beautiful daughter Elise turned one on May first. She’s gonna grow up to be a physicist AND a supermodel. And she’s not going to get married until she’s 28.

June and July saw a flurry of lectures and workshops for different organizations including Expose Down Under in Melbourne (my second year) and one I’m truly proud of – Design Talks for the Ayala Museum. A wedding videographer talking in a museum beside a repro of the Guernica? A-Ma-Zing!

I spent most of August in Northern America with a brutal city tour from Pasadena to Chicago to New Jersey to Philly to NY to Oahu, Kauai, San Francisco then Ontario. The trip was amazing but one I wouldn’t want to do again. I missed my kids too much. Having a one on one session in three cities was also awesome. Thanks to all the attendees!

Again even before cooling my heels, I had to fly out to Europe to shoot a wedding with Madge and Pat Dy. Tres Bien! The experience was one of a kind. We cannot wait to get back.

Just before September ended, I had a surprise viral, tumblr hit courtesy of ff piece. I suppose the story resonated with a lot of students from UP.

October saw the launch of the Thunderbird Resorts’ 7 Wedding Suppliers coffee table book with Dino Lara, Oly Ruiz, Ernest Pascual (planner), Veluz, Teddy Manuel (stylist), Kaye Cunanan (caterer) and myself. It was a treat to see it in the bestseller list a few weeks after. More work came of course as the peak hoiday season came in,

The year was also sprinkled with projects for Penshoppe, McDonald’s, the Quezon Provincial Government and GMA7.

It was a busy year and I’m just glad that I was able to spend more time with non-work stuff. I picked up on my reading again and immensely enjoying the fifth book in the Song of Ice and Fire (Thanks for the Kindle Madge!).

I’d like to be able to share more in the blog even if its just random thoughts and musings. I hope this year will be the year I finally grow a six-pack. (Oh wait, you mean I have to exercise?, Strike that then).

Happy New Year Everybody!

Pinoy Eats World does {F} + ART

Here’s a tasty break from wedding cake and champagne which we normally serve.   Let me tell you about Pinoy Eats World.

As their headmaster would say, they are hedonists!  Privy the pleasures of the world.  But mostly gastronomic ones. They’re all about food and bringing Filipino cuisine to the forefront of the masses tastebuds. It was a total delight to be invited to document the very first F+ART (Food + Art) event which was dubbed Pot Session.

It’s not as hedonist as you think. The dinner was held at John and Tessa Pettyjohn’s abode in Laguna.  Ground zero for pottery making in the country.  The diners converged in SLEX and headed south for a most amazingly unique experience.  They did not know where the venue was, save for a map, nor did they know what was on the menu.

We hope we encapsulated the excitement and fun, the sense of discovery and unbridled  hedonism in this clip.  Burp!