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One Love

Nora and Lian

Nora and Lian already got hitched in New York City, (legally, I might add).  But that didn’t preclude them from celebrating and exchanging vows in front of close friends and family in the good ol’ Philippine Islands.

The ceremony was brief and secular.  And the reading which struck me most was from this guy named Bob Marley –

“She’s not perfect—you aren’t either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can.”

It wasn’t from the letter of John to the Corinthians nor from any holy book.  But the verses were spot on.

Nobody speaks the truth better than Nesta Robert Marley (him and weed – I kid.).

Enjoy this film as much as we loved crafting it.  One Love ja!



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Let us be Brave

Aiza Seguerra and Liza Diño’s Wedding

“You both will never imagine how much braver and kinder the Philippines is because you chose each other.” – Gang Badoy Capati

No truer words were said at Aiza and Liza’s wedding in Batangas.

Most of you know that they had their first wedding in the state of California last December.  They had to because there it was legal and not the least frowned upon.

But most family and friends were here in the country and they could not not have an event here.  Here where it is not legal, not allowed, “immoral”,  and where a thousand sacred eyebrows will raise at the mere thought of a same sex marriage.

Yet they did as well.  Because they were stubborn, because they were brave and the most important of all, because they were in love.

There was no officiating pastor or minister at the beach where they got married on,  just a couple of friends who spoke about Aiza and Liza and their relationship.

But the profession of love and commitment between the couple moved everybody to tears, EVERYBODY, including this videographer.  The love was overflowing and genuine, it was shared and felt by everyone in attendance.   It was pure.   Because like I said before, it knows no race, religion nor gender.   If anybody dares to condemn what happened that afternoon as wrong and immoral, I’d happily burn in “hell” for it.





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My thoughts

Bianca Gonzalez and JC Intal’s Wedding

Have I told you I celebrated my birthday exactly on the day of JC and Bianca’s wedding?

I’ve actually worked on my birthday the past several years and it wasn’t really any biggie. I suppose the difference was this was going to be out of town. And I wasn’t about to decline Bianca Gonzalez’ wedding was I?

From the very first meeting several months ago in Podium, she just wanted a “chill” wedding. “Super chill” if you may.

Now that word gets bandied out around a lot for weddings. Only to be ironically negated by an obsessive compulsive bride, a well meaning but controlling planner or even a inherently not-so-chill massive venue.

But hers, she insisted, was going to be “chill.”

She asked us to keep the date private (no media fanfare).
She was going to wear off the rack (to keep the peace among her numerous designer friends).
She was going to do her own makeup (she knew exactly what she wanted).
And it was going to be a small private affair (celebrating it with the closest few).

Simple. Chill.

In fact, when I flew in the morning of the wedding to El Nido, JC was out for a swim, the guests were hanging around the pool, and Bianca was just enjoying a few drinks with her friends.

Believe me and this is so comical in hindsight, I was the one starting to panic.

Shoot, she’s starting too late.
Darn. we might miss the sunset.
OMG, it’s going to be too dark by the end of the ceremony.

So yes, we ran out of light.
It rained during the reception (wet, humid and sandy).
And it just became really tough for us to shoot.

But the couple did not have one care. Did not have one complaint. Did not show one frown.

They were chill.

And the panic and concern of capturing the most perfect wedding video ever dissipated.

If they were chill, I sure as hell should be as well.

Go with flow. Roll with the punches. It’s gonna be alright.

It was pitch dark after the boat ride from the ceremony to the island where the reception was going to be held.

The rain fell just after the beach dinner and everybody rushed to the roofed pavilion. I was furiously moving our lights to a safer place and constantly monitoring the audio for a good recording whilst keeping everything from getting sopping wet from the rain.

Then out of nowhere, they whipped out a cake with a candle for me to blow out while they sang. It was my birthday!

Selfless and chill. That’s who they were. (Did I mention they also had Mr. Laurenti Dyogi and his wife renew vows during the ceremony because it was their anniversary too?).

It was a awesome experience and a great way to celebrate the big 4-0. I would not have it any other way!

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They grow up so fast

Phoenix plays in Manila

This picture was taken in 2006, Jakob was head over heels when the Power Rangers visited Manila.

sentai jakob

Some 8 years later, he’s shouting to the beat of a different drum (Thomas Hedlund to be precise).

jakob phoenix

It was the first concert he ever went to and it was extra special because Phoenix was truly one of his favorite acts.  Hell, he knows more of their discography than I do.

You know the phrase – “you see them grow right before your eyes.”  Exactly what happened.

It was special last night (and I’m waxing nostalgic over a rock concert).

Big thanks to the best concert photographer in the country Magic Liwanag and Karpos Productions for the VIP seats!


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A Liter of Light @ NIght

I must admit this project took a long time coming.  Messages between me and Mr. Ilac Cruz of Liter of LIght foundation have been exchanged for a good year now.  It was always me saying – “Sure sure, let’s do it when we have the chance.”

My problem was I did not feel a sense of urgency.

What I came to realize was that for issues like these, there is ALWAYS a need for urgency.  Real lives needed to be helped.  Real households needed illumination.  Real money was needed to finance the projects.  The needs for the short film were urgent.

I’m glad we were able to find time and do this for the foundation.  And I sincerely hope it makes a positive impact for the organization.

Visit their site for more information on how you can help.
Music by Marie Hines, licensed from The Music Bed



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Let's Put Things in Perspective

Dino Lara

Mr. Dino Lara is a wedding photographer based in the Philippines.  He’s also one of my closest friends.

We were together in our climb for stability, our quest for recognition, and our struggles to remain in top form.  I can write a book about this guy.

And I know the landscape of the country’s wedding photography scene right now is littered with the young, the hip and the cool.  But let’s put things in perspective,  the young guns owe a lot to this fine “older” gentleman.

1.  The guy led the march for digital.  Back when the 1 gig IBM Microdrive cost $1000.  He was rocking a 3 megapixel Canon D30.  Your iPhone cam now has more pixels.  It was unknown territory for most, but he was  a trailblazer.  This was 2001.

2.  He incorporated graphic design into photography.   Way before it was cool.  Way before it was hip.  Because it was his aesthetic.   That tiny picture enveloped by a sea of white, negative space – that’s him.  I remember, there was this Bridal Show in Renaissance Hotel,  people went bananas for the albums.  And even if he could only afford one digital slr then, he would bust out his scanner to digitize the images from his film cameras.

3.  He told the clients,  I’m the artist, let me choose the pictures.  Thus ending the dilemma for clients to choose from a gazillion images and a two year wait for the album.  It is, the Artist’s Choice after all.

4.  For all the edgy/dark/moody/alt influences that the scene has weathered, his pictures, above all,  remain to be the bar by which honesty and purity of emotion and beauty are set.

Do me a favor, greet the man a happy birthday!

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I realized I’ve been blogging for ten years now.

I remember when I started to “blog” the videos that we created way back in 2003.

There wasn’t a blogging engine then.  I would go to the text file in the code and just update the entries manually.  it was tedious work but it was nice to connect to an audience.

You also have to remember that this was a time of dial up internet in the country and a PC dominated house hold.  So, I had to make sure that the videos we put up could be right clicked and saved as.  Always making sure the the file was around the 12-15 mb limit.

Thank god for Moore’s law.

I was perusing the Wayback Machine ( and saw that I finally went the WordPress route in 2006.

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.13.46 PM

(the first iteration of in 2002)

I noticed I wrote more about personal stuff then.  I was more excitable.  I wrote more often.  Looking back I noticed how brash I was, almost toeing the line of arrogance.  I was gung-ho and wide eyed.  Ahh the foibles of youth.

I hate that I’m more self-conscious now.

And I certainly feel just a tad bit jaded after all that’s happened to me personally.

But I’m glad I was able to chronicle the last 10 years of my life in writing, albeit sporadic and marketing driven.

It’s a great way to see  growth and evolution (for ill or good).  Y’know – change.

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Be my June Bride!


email us at

Thanks LynDM for the pretty poster!

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Patricia and Alaine


So we had this quaint little wedding a few weeks backs back in Pampanga.

Patricia and Alane’s was intimate, mostly DIY and very well thought of.  It was an occasion to kick back, hang loose and enjoy the company of good friends and close family.

(I mean really, having masseuses on standby during the cocktail hour is quite uncommon, but when you come to think of it – it makes perfect sense!)

The guests were encouraged to hashtag their Instagram pictures with #bestdayever12112.  What a novel way to remember the wedding day!

You’ll get it if you’re on Twitter or IG.  But you’ll enjoy this regardless.

Enjoy!  Check out the still images I take on Instagram – here.

Music licensed through
All My Love by Hannah Miller


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Lanie and Quim

What A Girl Wants

Designer bags?  Nope.

That dream getaway in Bali?  Nope.

A big house? Nope.

It’s simple really, a girl wants somebody who’ll tell her she’s still the most beautiful even if she feels otherwise.  She wants security and assurance.

(Diamonds?  Maybe ;-))

Music licensed through the

You and Me feat Holley Maher Aaron and Andrew

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Everywhere We Brand

Just because.

I figured, we were due a facelift.  And we kinda decided, eff it,  let’s go have some fun, break conformity and make people take notice.  The brand, after all has been doing that for years and years.

There were of course no better playmates than Everywhere We Shoot.  Iconoclasts of photography and design in the country.  And honest to goodness kind people as well.

Last year you may have spotted the new packaging here and there.  It’s due of course for a proper portrait session and you’ll be the first to see these lovely lovely boxes.

Below are the 600 gsm cards printed in the UK.  Honestly,  I can only fit in three of these in my card case.  It’s a beautiful card and an even better door stop.

moo cards



And of course, the  pièce de résistance, the website and blog, will be rolling out pretty pretty soon.  This tops off a year’s worth of work on the brand design.  Excited is an understatement.

Check back soon.

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Nikki and Paolo

For You Are Mine

Paolo and Nikki: For You Are Mine from For You Are Mine on Vimeo.

First of all, let me tell you about For You Are Mine Wedding Films. It’s a long time coming and frankly I don’t understand why I haven’t written about it the past year. Perhaps I was busy with my own thing, perhaps it wasn’t time yet. But here we are now, February 2013, and nothing could be more perfectly timed.

Drumroll please: presenting For You Are Mine Wedding Films!

A talented young bunch full of visions and ideas. A group of people who will tell the story of your wedding, masterfully thought of and creatively executed. They have years of experience tucked under their belt and a passion to tell stories in new and exciting ways.

The short of it is this, If I am booked, For You Are Mine will do a spectacularly awesome job with your big day.

Feel free to explore the spankin’ new site, make yourself comfortable and let us know what you think.


Now let me tell you about Paolo Bugia and Nikki Syyap. Wait hold on, I won’t tell you, watch for yourself…

And this my friends is uber collaborative work! Jason Magbanua x FYAM


Written and directed by Jason Magbanua
Cinematography by For You Are Mine Wedding Films
Make-up and styling by The Tipping Point Collective

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