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A Wedding in Batanes

Andrea and Mark

The moment we set foot on the island, it was like we were transported to another world.

It was, after all – Batanes. Pictures nor words wouldn’t be enough to capture its breathtaking beauty and majesty. You have to experience it yourself.

So when Andrea and Mark approached us early 2014 for their wedding, we jumped at the chance right away.

Mark kicked off his personal vows with a joke…

“Batanes ka ba?”

“Kasi you’re intimidating and expensive but so beautiful and worth it”.

The joke set the tone for some humor inside the small chapel but the dam eventually broke and soon, everybody was in tears.

Mark (further along his vows), recounted his ordeal some three years back where he got a stroke (in his 20s!!!) and extolled his gratitude and love for Andrea who was always there.  She never faltered.  She never wavered.

Not unlike the steady and beautiful landscapes of Batanes, constantly harangued and beaten by the howling winds and elements, yet they remain.


Kamana Sanctuary, Bataan

Rhea and Eric

Rhea and Eric’s wedding introduced us to a lovely beach venue just past Subic. The drive was quite a while but well worth it. Kamana Sanctuary’s villas, which jutted onto the break had a spectacular view of the Zambales Mountains. It was breathtaking.

After a while in the industry, moments like these become few and far between. It’s nice to have your jaw drop once in a while.

The perfectly blue sky turning fiery red come sunset was a perfect backdrop to the wedding. With the sun kissing the horizon in time with Rhea and Eric.

A Wedding by the Numbers

Dody Puno and Char Galang

They call each other “Dude”.

Perhaps to express that they are as much friends as lovers. And perhaps to gloss over the age gap. Which everybody takes in good stride. Nobody gets offended, especially not Dody.

The differences are apparent, the similarities not quite.

But deep down. They were just two people who wanted to have a go at it again. One final time, for keeps.


It is my privilege to share to you the love story and wedding of Dody and Char.

Anne and Chiro

Ang videong ito…

ay para sa mga taong umibig
at nabigo
At umibig uli
Para sa mga nasaktan
At nasaktan uli
Para sa hindi nadala
Para sa nawalan ng pag-asa
Baka meron pa.
Kahit katiting
Sa mga kinasal na
Pero hindi nag-work-out.
Sa may mga anak na.
Pero single pa rin.
Para sa naghanap pa
Para sa naghihintay
Para sa nanonood ng wedding video
Ng mga taong hindi mo naman kilala
Kasi nagbibigay ng saya
Kahit tatlong minuto lang
Kahit para kang tanga
Nakiki-iyak ka,
Hindi mo naman ka-anu-ano
Para sa mga umaasa pa sa isang happy ending.

Higit sa lahat, para kay Anne (at Chiro)
Na umibig, nasaktan at sumubok uli.

(At tinupad ang huling pangako sa kanyang Mommy.)

Not rain nor sleet

Nicco and Erica

The whole world was transfixed at Typhoon Haiyan’s destruction and aftermath last November 2013.

But there was one little quiet wedding in Tagaytay right at the tail-end of Yolanda. – Erica and Nicco’s

Watch the calm in the middle of the storm.

What I do when the SDE plays?

Michelle and Kelly

You know I spend anywhere from three to fours editing a Same Day Edit.  By the time I export the file, I know the film inside and out and each of its peaks and valleys.

So by the time we screen it on the big screen.  It’s the last thing I want to see.

Instead, I move up front and get a good vantage point of the two most important people in the room.  The two people I need approval, validation and praise(?) from.

I look at every gentle touch and caress of one hand to another, every smile that breaks, every tear that falls.

This is my validation.  This is the reason why I do what I do.

I love my job.


At Kelly and Michelle’s wedding, a few minutes passed after they screened the Same Day Edit on the wall to wall LED screen, I saw Michelle, still tearing up.  I came close, approached her and said my congratulations, and she was still crying.  I stood away and looked at her, yep, eyes still wet.  Job well done.  *Pat on the back.

Baguio City

Janray and Kweng

Being Filipino means you never miss a summer making the trip out to lovely Baguio City.

That’s exactly what Janray and Kwneg had in mind.  Only this time, they were gonna get married.

Guests who took the time out to drive up four hours were treated to a very special set by resident DJ-RN (Janray).

*I do a cameo here somewhere, look for it.  And yes that’s a Kaskade cover!

Meet the Changs

Apple and Mark

Pauline got married ahead of everybody (to Paul), then Mike to Jenny, a week ago it was Mark’s turn to get hitched with Apple.

Three siblings, three Jason Magbanua videos in six years.  (Sorry, I referred to myself in the third person, which is pretty douchey).

I reiterate, I love nothing more than to be of service to whole families.  It speaks volumes of the kind of service and product we provide.

To the Changs – thank you for the trust.

The Changs


Angelfields, Tagaytay

Kakin and Sacho

Take a listen to Kakin’s vows – behind the endless stream of tears is the honest expressions of a woman so grateful and in love.

The vows are earnest, almost of the cuff. And it tugs at the heart. There is pain, and yet there is an over-abundance of joy.

We all think sometimes we have mediocre lives, how lucky for people who have found theirs to make life more rich and special.

A Marriage More Beautiful Than The Wedding

Bea and Das

It’s not everyday I can say that the wedding’s reception was held at the backyard.  Well, Bea and Das’ was.

And amidst the towering trees, the pretty flowers from Cibo d M, the Castañas station (it was Christmas after all) and the scores of people who shared the day and danced the night away – there was this sign

bea das quote


And to hear the people speaking about them, giving them advice and recounting days gone by, you KNEW this wooden sign was prescient.

The wedding and celebration was beautiful beyond belief, this sets the bar pretty high for the marriage they aim for.   But knowing Bea and Das – it’s gonna be a piece of chocolate cake.