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A FairyTale Wedding

RIchard and Maya: The Wedding

For my friends and followers outside the Philippines, I have to get this out of the way, umm,  this is not a real wedding.   Richard and Maya are the lead characters in the number one daytime television series in the Philippines – Be Careful With My Heart (BCWMH).

The cultural impact and reach of BCWMH is astounding.  It’s cut across socio-demographic status, it has heralded a non-traditional mold for a male lead, and the Filipino people have assimilated the characters as if they were real – Ser Chief and Maya have crossed the realm of the fictional.

(Remember the outcry of the British when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle killed off their beloved Sherlock Holmes?)

Well Richard and Maya, as part of the season climax, like in all fairytales, were going to live happily ever after by way of marriage.  And what better way to reinforce the notion of reality than having real life wedding videographers and photographers shoot the make believe event?

That’s exactly what happened.

And it was a a fantastic experience!  We got to work with MangoRed and PJ of MetroEventscape Planners and the entire ABS-CBN crew.  I have nothing but high praise for all of them, from the EP, to the Director all the way down to Marlon, the guy brought us coffee in between takes.

The chemistry between the two leads was undeniable.  It was as if they weren’t acting.

It was so kilig to have this SDE broadcast in national TV.  I hope you get kilig too when you watch it again and again.


The music I chose for this piece is from Marie Hines – My Love Will Never Fail You.  It was licensed through

She is an independent artist so please support and purchase her music through iTunes and her site –


Anything Can Happen

Nina and Kerwin

Nina, Kerwin and I met a few weeks before the wedding and we really hit it off quite handsomely.  We talked about their wedding, and friends of theirs we shot and music as well.

I am a new follower of House music (yes yes I know I’m late to the party, VERY late.  And Nina was a bonafide fan.  We explored the idea but the ultimate decision rested on me of course.

Enter Leah Mertz – who I have been in contact with for the past couple of years via email. She’s a musician who covers artists she fancies and has kickass originals too. She occasionally sends me music for use in our videos and this particular one has been sitting idle in my inbox since Feb.

It was perfect for Nina and Kerwin!

What’s there to look forward to when two people madly in love take the next step?

Anything Can Happen ! (Performed and Recorded by Leah Mertz (original by Ellie Goulding)

The Misadventures of Visiting Videographer

Coming to Vancouver: Part 1


Let it be said I was not uninformed nor unwarned.

Flying in to Vancouver to shoot a wedding, I knew border patrol was really strict with people coming in to film or photograph.  Nope I wasn’t carrying heroin but you can say I was a little bit antsy.

“Are you getting paid for this shoot in Vancouver?”

“No Sir”.

“Y’know I’ve been doing this for a long time.  I’ve cracked hardened criminals and drug dealers before.  And I know your type.  Look at your bag and look at your suitcase. Those are professional bags. DO NOT LIE TO ME. I’m gonna ask you one more time, are you getting paid to shoot this wedding?”

I wasn’t sweating.  I was clammy.  And  my throat was parched.  I managed to eke out -

“Ummmmmmm, yes.”

Fk.  I’m a really bad liar.

“You realize that’s not allowed?” He then proceeds to instruct me to not use my phone under any circumstance while he goes back to where they do cavity searches, and probably runs my name through their system.

“Have you ever been detained or arrested for any felony in North America?”

“No DUIs or drug related incidents?”

I was bombarded with questions one after the other. I could’t keep up. My mind was racing, I was actually already formulating PLAN B for the wedding I was supposed to shoot.

And heavens!  How do I tell the workshop attendees it was going to be a no-go?!

“How much do you earn in a year?”

“Who’s getting married?’

“How long have you been doing this?”

Question after question after question.

He runs back to control center, takes his sweet time and then returns.  As stern as ever.

“So, tell me about yourself Jason.”

At this point in time, when all seemed hopeless, when he uttered these words, I suddenly saw a sliver of light. I needed to humanize myself. He wanted to convince himself that I was not going to be an overstaying alien (nor a wanted criminal).

I needed to help him be convinced.

So I told him about my three kids and their names.  About how they’re like and what they like… What I do in my spare time and my relationship status. Pathetic I know, but the circumstances were dire. I wasn’t above groveling.

He asked – “Are you famous in the Philippines?”

I paused, – “I’d like to be modest, but umm (really long pause), kinda…”

Right then and there, he googled my name in front of me.  J-A-S-O-N M-A-

Now if you haven’t tried already, after Jason Statham and Jason Mraz,  my name comes up (results vary depending on location  ;-).

He pulled my name up and up as well as some images.

“So you ARE famous!” (with a smirk).

I have lost absolutely all sense of time and people outside were frantically trying to get in touch with me.

The unexpected happens next.

“I’m going with my gut this time. DO NOT DO THIS AGAIN. Get a work permit next time. I have your name on my system and anytime you come in without a proper papers, we will take you aside.”

I thanked him profusely.  Even managing to address him by the name on his shirt.

“Thank you Kumar!” Before realizing how that was disrespectful because that was his last name. (The White Castle movie subliminally stuck in my head.) That’s Mister Kumar to you punk!

NEXT:  Hanging out in Vancity, the wedding and the workshop.

Kat and Joseph

Lovely. Just lovely.

2am. I’ve never really written stream of consciousness style before but I’m still wired from my Americano and I’m trying to get all my work done before I sleep in this Monday morning – my supposed “day-off”.

Gustavo Santaolalla is playing.

So many moments define this same day edit and my lovely couple.

The opening sequence – it’s very uncharacteristic. Very different. Katrina taking a shot. All nerves. But she needed to calm down. Her reaction was priceless. She was ready.

Joseph. Not as comfortable with the camera as Kat. Good thing Mr. Bestman was there to ease him in.

Black and White. I haven’t used that in a while. But I felt the candid moments between father and daughter necessitated the stripping of color. The motions were as stark as the saturation.

That one shot of the parents holding hands tight. That was in the midst of the vows. It says so much. The finality of the vow, their children coming to their own, leaving the parents. Maybe a prayer? That all tribulations coming their way would only make them stronger.

And the massive doors, closed at first, then opening. Beautiful lovely Kat, taking the first of many steps to Joseph. Something they will do their entire lifetimes.


Kat booked April 2012. I’m glas she did. I’m glad we were the ones.

Back again to Cebu. 5 times in 6 weeks. Working with suppliers I now call my friends. A fellow videographer bailing me out.

We had Jeff to assist us, a friend from Twitter. We had Pochero too. Which suspiciously had a close resemblance to bulalo.

And yeah, they printed all the hashtagged photos in Instagram. Amazeballs!

Anna and AJ

The Jmag Funkadelic Remix

We’ve had this one cooked for quite some time now but we just wanted to make sure that Aj and Anna receive the package before anyone else saw the film.

Today marks Aj and Anna’s first anniversary and nothing can be more special than having the film premiered on the occasion.

The edit, the sound design, the sound track all fuse together to make a film truly representative of the couple, the celebration and the people of the wedding day.

So get your funk on and enjoy this piece volume up full blast.

Loyd Calomay (cousin of AJ), EventDV Top 25er, and of Loyd Calomay Films fame in SoCal actually previewed it in my last trip to the US last June but I swore him to secrecy, but both us we’re really itching to show the couple asap.


Nerissa and Allan

Everybody Happy

Filming the wedding  and editing the same day edit, I wanted to show the singular emotion of happiness permeating throughout the day.

Utter, unaffected happiness.

We kept a keen eye on the people around us, anticipating emotions and actions.   Recording them in their natural element.

I really feel that’s what we’re best at.  (Allow me that please).

Pepper and Stelson

Best Friends Since Med School

When I was editing this piece, I felt like I was writing a personal letter to Pepper and Stelson.  Meeting with them a few times before the wedding and getting to interview them allowed me a unique and intimate perspective on their story.

Med-school was hard for the two.  But the decision to be apart for career and personal growth was even harder.  Brisbane and Manila – that’s not easy.  But if you are the best of friends, it becomes so.

They stuck together.  And believe you me – they will live happily ever after.

PS.  watch out for the cameo

The Wedding Film

Mara and Elo

The skeptic would say we are re-featuring this wedding because we wanted to “cash-in” and try to hit viral mode again with this new film.


I wanted to show much more of this wedding because what we hit with the Same Day Edit was just the tip of the iceberg.

There was so much depth, a lot more nuance, much greater love to show.

Which comes full circle to why we do what we do – making wedding films – to document people madly in love with each other and to inspire other people to hope and to believe.

Michelle and Kevin

A Wedding in Singapore

I heard through friends that Paul Van Dyk played in Manila the night of July 12. But really, the party was at W Hotel in Singapore.

But I jump ahead of myself. Let me start from the arrival.

It was the morning of the eleventh when the modern facade of W greeted us upon driving up. Scores of people coming in from Manila and other parts of the world were trickling in for the past days to attend Kevin and Michelle’s wedding.

It was the perfect destination getaway for the couple’s big day. Away enough yet near enough.

And it was a great experience to be able to capture these people – familiar with everybody else, enjoying themselves, soaking in the resort vibe, excited for the wedding, genuinely happy for the couple.

It was a long time planning, but everything came into fruition.

Music by the band Harper Blynne – Halo

Kristine and Philippe

The Frenchman and the Filipina

A hundred or so guests, perhaps the magic number of a really intimate wedding comprised of family and friends. Quite a lot start out with a hundred but always end up with having twice as much.

I guess it helped that Kristine and Philippe already got married in France a few weeks back. For the celebrarion here in Tagaytay, they only really wanted the closest of the close.

It was a beautiful ceremony, with the couple exchanging personal vows for the first time. It was a lucky hundred or so witnesses in attendance.


Note to self: the besos for the French always involve both cheeks. Not just one.

Sharon and Richard

A Wedding In Malibu

It was great that we were able to book this wedding just a few weeks before flying out to San Francisco. It was only a matter of scoring a round trip to LAX.

I loved how literally this wedding was mostly DIY. Everybody helped out – from setting up the decor for dinner, re-locating the bar and preparing the flowers. You can’t help but truly savour and appreciate a wedding built like this.

Friends from all over the US flew in to attend the ceremony (by a Jesuit no less). Yep, it was nippy and foggy. The foreigner in me actually thought Malibu was all sand and surf, didn’t realize there was the gorgeous hilly side.

A night after the wedding, a remarkable thing happened. Sharon and Richard, upon picking up their SDE copy at our hotel room, brought up a local sweet red and plastic cups for us and MangoRed. We shared the bottle and stories of the previous day, the rush of the setup, the emotions of the vows and the cathartic release of – “Hey, we did it!”


I thought I’ve had my fill of LA over the years, but I was proved wrong. Bunking up with MangoRyan and Chyv of MangoRed brought me to places I’ve never been – Los Feliz, Deus Ex Machina, Venice Beach, Lacma among others. I was designated driver and I still sweat my pits navigating I5 and I10. I got the hang of it eventually.

I realised, you can never get enough of California.


Andrea and Larry

A Wedding in the Bay Area

Touchdown is San Francisco was roughly 8 in the evening. I was still in amazement that the sun was still up – the famous 2 hour sunset of the west coast.

I told Andrea and Larry that I can manage to find my way to the hotel at Silicon Valley. They insisted that they pick me up (they were Filipinos in heart after all) and that they did.

We shared a late dinner and there I found out that they met in the most unexpected place. (There’s a clue in the video, see if you can figure it out).

You never can really tell can you? You always find “it” in the least likely of places and circumstances.

The wedding venue was a beautiful old mission. The small chapel was there, the dinner was behind a big house and the program and dancing inside.

We did start quite early when the boys did their grooming at a nearby barbershop. The guys were having so much fun that it felt like an extension of the bachelor’s party in Cabo.

Late into night, a food truck drove in for after party grub (artisan hot dogs and sliders).

It was a great experience to shoot the wedding and I was truly glad to have documented it. We felt very much like family after all that’s said and done.

Enjoy the Same Day Edit.