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Sarah and Rodney

It is during these times that I am grateful that I do what I do. To be able to work with inspiring people. To have the chance to film their stories, their struggles, and triumphs, framed in the context of their wedding day.
Some may view the wedding as a one-off event of pomp and celebration. I see a bigger picture. I see how that one day is a culmination of a journey and the start of a new one
I see Sarah”s fight against illness, how her hope never faltered. I see Rodney’s unwavering love, strong and dependable.
I see how they saved each other. And I’m grateful I have the honor of meeting them and being part of their big day.

For Colgate Optic White

Precious and Aljoe

Last year I and Pat Dy was asked by Colgate to banner a promotional campaign for soon-to-weds.

It need not be said, a beautifully smiling bride is a gorgeous bride.

And so therefore, I take it upon myself, as my personal mission, to make sure that that radiant white smile is present on your wedding day.

Be it cracking one liners during the makeup session, delivering our best work possible and even hawking Colgate Optic White. That’s who I am. That’s what I do. ;-)

And of course the winner of the promo couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple nor a happier bride. Proud to share to you Precious and Aljoe’s wedding.

A Great Memory

Kitchie and Buko

We had played the SDE, we were done shooting and started to pack up, just a few more close friends and family were doing rockeoke with the band on stage.

I was circling the dance floor, as I almost always do after a wedding, eyeing for familiar faces, wanting to shake old friends’s hands, checking for past couples. It is always a joy to see them. I need to do this as I’m always game face on during the ceremony shooting and a recluse at the reception, editing.

Well they saw me first, a past couple of mine, they were good friends with Buko and Kitchie and after exchanging predictable yet sincere pleasantries, they left me with a parting greeting – “It was great to see you Jason – you are always a great memory.”

And that brought a smile to my face I carry over to the time I’m writing this.

It was such a simple compliment to receive.  But one of the highest order.

And yet again, I wax romantic and sentimental about what I do for a living.   Because I am reminded that my job brings great joy and happiness to people I serve.   It is a great responsibility and that is why I take it very seriously.  I would not want to be anything else but a great experience for my couples.

I preserve memories (record), augment and embellish them (edit)  and place them online for generations to remember (upload).

“I am a great memory”   For what I do, how I and my team conducted ourselves during the day and for who I was.   It is high praise.  Thank you.

Two Post Scripts:

1.  I hope, in whatever you do or choose to do, you will also be a “good memory” to people you deal with.

2.  On the subject of memory, the name of the couple who said hi escapes me.  Thus they are unnamed.  I suck I know.

One Love

Nora and Lian

Nora and Lian already got hitched in New York City, (legally, I might add).  But that didn’t preclude them from celebrating and exchanging vows in front of close friends and family in the good ol’ Philippine Islands.

The ceremony was brief and secular.  And the reading which struck me most was from this guy named Bob Marley –

“She’s not perfect—you aren’t either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can.”

It wasn’t from the letter of John to the Corinthians nor from any holy book.  But the verses were spot on.

Nobody speaks the truth better than Nesta Robert Marley (him and weed – I kid.).

Enjoy this film as much as we loved crafting it.  One Love ja!



Horses lots of horses

Mela and Pox

It was a 30 minute into the woods drive from the Lipa town proper to the Juban farm.

It was a quite a drive but well worth it.

There were coconut trees dotting the multi-hectare farm. There were majestic horses roaming around. And to be coño about it, these weren’t the Intramuros kind. They were of the Manila Polo variety.

They got married “Catholicly” last January so this was a garden affair.

And I swear, the style swag of this wedding was off the charts. Floral prints for the groomsmen. jumpsuits for the ladies, red riding jackets for the best men and a cobalt blue suit for the videographer (natch!).

The farm was enveloped by the fiery sunset glow right after the ceremony. The bartenders and baristas opened up shop as well as the fun fair games for kids and adults alike.

Darkness hit, and the party was just about to start.

With so many things happening all at the same time, this was my vision of the wedding, a patchwork of color and emotion, of movement and sound.

Immerse yourself in the wedding of Mela and Pox.