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Baguio City

Janray and Kweng

Being Filipino means you never miss a summer making the trip out to lovely Baguio City.

That’s exactly what Janray and Kwneg had in mind.  Only this time, they were gonna get married.

Guests who took the time out to drive up four hours were treated to a very special set by resident DJ-RN (Janray).

*I do a cameo here somewhere, look for it.  And yes that’s a Kaskade cover!

Meet the Changs

Apple and Mark

Pauline got married ahead of everybody (to Paul), then Mike to Jenny, a week ago it was Mark’s turn to get hitched with Apple.

Three siblings, three Jason Magbanua videos in six years.  (Sorry, I referred to myself in the third person, which is pretty douchey).

I reiterate, I love nothing more than to be of service to whole families.  It speaks volumes of the kind of service and product we provide.

To the Changs – thank you for the trust.

The Changs


Angelfields, Tagaytay

Kakin and Sacho

Take a listen to Kakin’s vows – behind the endless stream of tears is the honest expressions of a woman so grateful and in love.

The vows are earnest, almost of the cuff. And it tugs at the heart. There is pain, and yet there is an over-abundance of joy.

We all think sometimes we have mediocre lives, how lucky for people who have found theirs to make life more rich and special.

A Marriage More Beautiful Than The Wedding

Bea and Das

It’s not everyday I can say that the wedding’s reception was held at the backyard.  Well, Bea and Das’ was.

And amidst the towering trees, the pretty flowers from Cibo d M, the Castañas station (it was Christmas after all) and the scores of people who shared the day and danced the night away – there was this sign

bea das quote


And to hear the people speaking about them, giving them advice and recounting days gone by, you KNEW this wooden sign was prescient.

The wedding and celebration was beautiful beyond belief, this sets the bar pretty high for the marriage they aim for.   But knowing Bea and Das – it’s gonna be a piece of chocolate cake.

Iya Villania and Drew Arellano’s Wedding

It’s understandable that celebrities have walls around them to shield their private lives from the prying eyes of the public.

You also get the feeling that for the most part, they are inaccesible.  Busy with their own work and fame.

I was proven wrong.

Iya and Drew are the most humble and friendly as they get.  They don’t feel entitled .

They don’t preen.  Which makes them all the more beautiful.
They don’t demand.  Which makes acceding to their requests easier.
They make the ugliest, funniest faces.  Which make them more charming.

They treat you as friends. Which ironically, makes me a bigger fan.

And believe me, there are numerous things that impress.  Talent and looks are given.  But how they relate to people, how they love their family and friends, and how deeply they regard each other, these are the things that make you adore them even more.

And it’s the little things:
How warmly she greeted us when we arrived in the morning, in her jammies, no makeup and unaffected.

How he incessantly invited my team to partake in their lunch.

How you realize that only a small part of the guest list came from the industry, and how media was non-existent.  They weren’t putting on a show for anybody, they were celebrating the moment with those most important to them.

I’m truly glad to have filmed these moments.


Music licensed through
Morning is Coming/Celeste by Les Enfants


Planning:  Chinkie Uy Agregado
Photographs:  MangoRed
Styling:  Teddy Manuel
Couture: Pepsi Herrera/Edwin Tan



The Pre-Wedding Shoot

Biyahe ni Drew at Iya

Like giggly teenagers out for the summer day, basking in the sun, blasting the stereo, enjoying each other’s company.

Nary a care in the world.  As it should be for lovers.


Music: The Black Keys – Have Love Will Travel
Photographs from MangoRed –  here.

Prenup Styling > Rabbithole Creatives
Makeup > Madge Lejano
Coordination > Chinkie Uy Agregado

Same Day Edit

Joseph and Marnely

Get over the handsome good looks and the regal beauty of the couple.  I’ll give you time, it may take a few minutes.

Now I’ll also give you a reprieve to collect your jaw from the floor after seeing the gorgelicious event styling of Jo Claravall.

Don’t overlook the Veluz gown too of course.

There were just so many aspects to this wedding that stand out it was difficult to define which was my favorite. Maybe its all the tiny details that made up this one big celebration.

Enjoy their same day edit as much as we did creating it.

Don Bosco Parish
Fairmont Hotel
Planner: Ernest Pascual
Couture: Veluz
Event Styling: Jo Claravall
Make up and Hair: Madge Lejano and Steve Pagsanjan of the Makeup Studio
Photography: Pat Dy

Take 2

Sharon and Joe

Sharon was previously married.  

Joe was too.

It makes you think – why go through it all over again?

Isn’t the pain and the lost time enough to make you feel jaded forever?

I’m glad some people don’t feel that way (myself included).

You see I firmly believe that life is about second choices.  You make mistakes, you screw up, you pick yourself up again and move on.  The key is to not make the same mistakes again.  That’s being a smart human.  Plus you always have to find different ways of screwing up! (I’m kidding).

I’m happy for Ron and Joe.  They look great together.  Their kids mesh well and they know what makes each other tick (and what ticks off one another).  It was a great decision to make and I admire them for making it.

This is their second chance.


Music licensed through the
I Have You I do by Holley Maher

Same Day Edit

Tin and Drew

The bridal suite is usually silent and tense when we enter in the morning.  You can’t blame the people really,  it’s the perfect time to get anxious and OC about what’s going to happen the entire day.

But when we entered Tin’s room – EDM was blasting, everybody was abuzz with activity, the entourage were just laughing at and with each other, the bride was chill and even mom cracked a few over the course of the makeup session.  It was a very fun and light vibe that me and Nelwin Uy’s team appreciated.

It precipitated an atmosphere of warmth and congeniality, which bred a desire to produce an output commensurate to how we were treated.  “I love this family so much I’m gonna make something kick ass for them”.

And so we did.


Music: You Belong Here by Leagues