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Andrea and Larry

A Wedding in the Bay Area

Touchdown is San Francisco was roughly 8 in the evening. I was still in amazement that the sun was still up – the famous 2 hour sunset of the west coast.

I told Andrea and Larry that I can manage to find my way to the hotel at Silicon Valley. They insisted that they pick me up (they were Filipinos in heart after all) and that they did.

We shared a late dinner and there I found out that they met in the most unexpected place. (There’s a clue in the video, see if you can figure it out).

You never can really tell can you? You always find “it” in the least likely of places and circumstances.

The wedding venue was a beautiful old mission. The small chapel was there, the dinner was behind a big house and the program and dancing inside.

We did start quite early when the boys did their grooming at a nearby barbershop. The guys were having so much fun that it felt like an extension of the bachelor’s party in Cabo.

Late into night, a food truck drove in for after party grub (artisan hot dogs and sliders).

It was a great experience to shoot the wedding and I was truly glad to have documented it. We felt very much like family after all that’s said and done.

Enjoy the Same Day Edit.

Anna and AJ

A Wedding in Los Angeles

Ahh dear readers, I have missed you so.

Stormy weathers have impacted out internet big time preventing us from uploading your weekly dose of wedding films. I have plenty of new stuff to share and I’m quite excited to reveal them one by one over the coming weeks.

And so if you’ve been following me on Twitter (@jasonmagbanua), you would know I just came from Los Angeles to film a wedding for a dear friend (in the process having the couple become friends as well).

If you film as well,  you would know the pressures associated with shooting an event for somebody close to you.  Not only was Loyd Calomay (super wedding filmmaker from LA + EventDv 25 All Star )  AJ’s cousin but the groom himself and his friends were part of the Fil-Am indie film circle.  But you can take them away from them the Philippines, but you can’t take the Philippines out of them.  Everybody was warm and friendly and accommodating.  We were with family.

It wasn’t tough to put out your best with them as your audience.

I was lucky enough to have Randy of Colour Craft Media shoot with me as well as friends over at Our Digital Studio who drove all the way from Stockton.  Much appreciated guys!

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Oh My Soul by SisterBrother

Elaine and Rem

Honululu, Hawaii

I have a question folks… where in Manila can I get the best Spam Musubi?  Or can I get it at all?

You see they had tons of these served at the picnic after the ceremony, before the reception.  You heard right, Elaine and Rem had a picnic in Waikiki before they had cocktails and dinner at the Westin Moana Surfrider Hotel.  It was the most fun and filling a guest could could ever have  on a wedding day.

It was the embodiment of all that was their big day – fun, carefree and romantic.

Music by One Republic – Good Life

Thanks to Kolby Akamu for shooting with me and Ringo and Arlene Javier for helping out.  Aloha!


Now, they had them at the picnic but protocol dictated that I not partake of the guests’ food.  Now I gotta craving I got to satsify, badly and soon!

Cheryl and Nate

A Wedding in Kauai, Hawaii

What are weddings in this paradise on earth made of ?

Beautiful sunsets, gorgeous beaches, even more gorgeous bridesmaids.  Puca hotdogs, and celery sticks with peanut butter, breathtaking mountainsides, SPF 75, and funky officiants.  A happy bride and an excited groom.  The best shaved ice, Dr. Seuss, aloha prints and the most proofread yet sincerest vows.

Big thanks to Randy and Joshua who helped shoot the wedding.  These guys are the greatest and the most dependable. Plus they never turn down beer.  Them and Alex (photographer extraordinaire).  Another round of Primo please!  And a girly drink for Randy.


On a different note,  I’m both happy and proud to say that the music for the piece was used with permission.  Thank you to Priscilla Townsend and the generous people of her management.  Please support her and her beautiful music.

About Priscilla.
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Diana and Jose

Chicago Same Day Edit

One of the best things about shooting this wedding was the fact that I was shooting with friends and work didn’t really feel like work at all.

Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto was shooting it and had the help of Glen Abog (an old photographer  friend from way back. I shot his wedding around 2003 and has since moved to Chi-town).  I called on local Supahstah JJ Kim to shoot with me.  JJ (of Orange Wedding Films) is a newly minted EventDV25 All-Star.  Sino Chum also completed the team, flying all the way from Denver and who also attended the Chicago One on One Sessions.

And we were just one bunch of happy shooters, like old college frat buddies.

But two things.

We all worked our asses off.  And second,  truthfully, the wedding was in Joliet, Illinois.  But cut me some slack, preps and portraits were in the city ;-)

Thank you Diana and Jose for having us!

Music by Jon McLaughlin – You Are The One I Love

Jamie and Jordan

Same Day Edit/South New Jersey

It was delightful to have shot another overseas Iglesia ni Cristo wedding, this time in South New Jersey.

The day started out hectic for Jamie our lovely bride, shuttling from the hotel to the salon and back.  But she was a trooper and whatever was thrown her way, be it incorrectly printed place cards or a missing guestbook, she took it all in stride, with a smile and a wink ;-)

Big thanks to Hector and Glenn of MPW for making life so much easier and more fun during the shoot.

Music by Amy Stroup. Please listen to and purchase her music here.

LJ Moreno (Ricafort) and Jim Alapag: SDE in Laguna Beach, CA

LJ AND JIM: SDE from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

It was very serendipitous. I was in Exposed Down Under in Australia and got a call from LJ verifying for real that she was getting our services for her wedding.  I was ecstatic.

Laguna? Makiling? or perhaps Los Banos?

Nope. Laguna Beach, California.

Ooooh K.

Seriously, the weather was perfect last Thursday.  Very much in tune with the California vibe, everybody was just chillin’.  We all know how Jim is a clutch player but he totally lost in during his vows.  Pastor Rob (a former player himself before responding to his call to be play a more active role in the church) was a bit more anxious than usual.  It was his first wedding to officiate alone.  And it was a sweet first time because the couple was very dear to him.

I love celebrity weddings where there’s no paparazzi.  This was one of ’em.  Save for the small ABS crew during the preps, it was a very private affair.  The way Jim wanted it.   The only other artista around was Rufa Mae.  But we got introduced so I have the liberty of calling her Peachy now. ;-).

The wedding was co-shot by Oly Ruiz, a cousin of the Moreno’s.  ;-)
Thanks to Mon Villacorta for the excellent second shooting and big props to Edelweiss and Noel who helped along in the shoot. You guys rock!

Enjoy the Same Day Edit!

Lelsey and Mark: The Bay Area, San Francisco

It’s been quite a while since me Les and Mark have been emailing about the wedding and the trip.  It was actually quite surreal to have finally met everyone at the rehearsal dinner.  One thing proved true, Filipino warmth and hospitality remain in the heart wherever the Filipino may be =).

Lesley and Mark: SDE from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

We managed to edit an SDE despite the hectic wedding day sked.  The response was FANTASTIC!  and I’d gladly do one again in a heartbeat (despite the logistical difficulties).

Major thanks to Fiel Pranga and Tyler Faires who helped big time with the shoot.