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What I do when the SDE plays?

Michelle and Kelly

You know I spend anywhere from three to fours editing a Same Day Edit.  By the time I export the file, I know the film inside and out and each of its peaks and valleys.

So by the time we screen it on the big screen.  It’s the last thing I want to see.

Instead, I move up front and get a good vantage point of the two most important people in the room.  The two people I need approval, validation and praise(?) from.

I look at every gentle touch and caress of one hand to another, every smile that breaks, every tear that falls.

This is my validation.  This is the reason why I do what I do.

I love my job.


At Kelly and Michelle’s wedding, a few minutes passed after they screened the Same Day Edit on the wall to wall LED screen, I saw Michelle, still tearing up.  I came close, approached her and said my congratulations, and she was still crying.  I stood away and looked at her, yep, eyes still wet.  Job well done.  *Pat on the back.

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Anj and Don

Same Day Edit

I can’t actually remember the last time I fell  in love with a song I use for “work”.  Until Anj and Don’s wedding.

The lyrics just resonated with me.  The melody embraced me tightly like a lover’s arms.  And that voice, earnest and re-assuring but never needy nor suffocating.  Ladies and gentlemen.  Ms. Marie Hines. –


Thank you for the music.

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Lorah and Archie

We Found Love

Get ready to be taken over by the Last Song Syndrome…

Music by Leah Mertz,  used with permission.  Please support her music.  (thanks Leah!)


I had the pleasure of having an authentic Greek dinner with Lora and Archie in Manhattan last August.  This was after her engagement shoot with Oly Ruiz.  The weather was abysmal but it didn’t prevent a hearty appreciation for hummus and kebab nor queuing up for Rock of Ages after.

She was beaming.  Happy about the impending wedding and life in general.

Things were no different on the wedding day, this time with Pat Dy.  Her demeanor just set the tone for a happy and  lively wedding day.


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Rica and Anthony

Marrying the Family

It’s a common reminder in FIlipino weddings,  You’re not just arraying your partner, you’re also marrying his or her entire clan.

For ill or good, that remains to be seen down the line ;-).

Seriously, that shows how much we value family relationships and its heartwarming to see how Rica and Anthony were the perfect fit for each other and at the same time accepted and loved by their respective parents and siblings.

“Anthony is the perfect husband for my daughter”. And that is all we need to know.

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Pamela and Sam


Matagal tagal na rin akong hindi umiiyak sa kasal.  Nagulat ako ng may talab pa pala.


(Halo cover by Lotte Kestner, please purchase her music here
I met Pamela for the first time on her wedding day.  But the casual conversation we had during her makeup session (she did her own), covered a variety of topics.  Including the unexpected stroke her mom had a month prior to the wedding.  Amidst the wedding hustle and bustle, she had to tend to her mom who was confined for three weeks in the hospital.

She was also in the process of perfecting her vows for Sam.  Laboring over every statement.

I asked if her mom was able to walk down the aisle.  Pam told me her mom was going to “try”.

I knew then that the day was gong to be extra special.  Could she or could she not?

This is perhaps one of the very few exceptions of a bride willingly allowing her bridal march to get upstaged by something else.

And that my friends, made this bride all the more radiant and glowing.

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Kristina and Fritz

Santuario de San Antonio

This wedding had a powerhouse cast –  Paul Cabral,  Rita Neri Event Planners,  Francis Perez for Pat Dy and Executive Chef Franco Brodini for Shangri-la Makati.

Time to bring the patent leather shoes and three piece suit out.

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Anne and Hans

A Covered Up Gown

We arrived at Anne’s suite quite early in the morning and saw something unique in our eleven years of doing this.

The gown was all covered up, the bride not having seen the final creation.

Now that’s suspense and drama for you!  (Plus, you have to hear the vows for this one, “uber-twitterpate”).


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Maggs and Steven

A Broken Ankle

She broke her ankle the night before the wedding.

There. I said it.  And the bride will tell you all about it too.  Because she is the perfect example of the ability to make lemonade out of lemons.

Instead of being all sulky, she was pure sunshine.
Instead of complaining about the pain, she focused on her friends.
Instead of letting it ruining her big day, she brushed it aside like a mere nuisance.

She never got her knickers in  a twist.  What a champ!

The big question of course – was she able to walk properly down the aisle?


Photography: Pat Dy
Coordination and Planning: Ernest Pacual
Makeup: Madge Lejano

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Lorlyn and Conrad: The 80s Ruleth! Anberlin Conquers!

Disclaimer:  The music chosen for this piece does not in any way reflect the age range of the couples presented.  (really!)

I love my Wild Swans, my Xmal, my Joy Div, and my XTC.

But I can’t deny it, I have a soft spot for Wang-Chung, Seona Dancing and When in Rome.  Congrats Lorlyn and Conrad!

Music by Anberlin (Covering the Promise by When in Rome).  Anberlin just had a gig in Makati last night.

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Richie and Jen: Bringing the House Down

First things first, kindly watch the reaction of the couple during the screening of the SDE…

I can’t actually remember the last time I had a couple dance midway through the video.  It was exhilarating!  I hope you feel the same when you watch it.

It was a tough edit for sure, but well worth it in the end.

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Roxanne and Elton: SDE

Roxanne’s wedding vows almost made me cry.  All past pains, triumph and joy were encapsulated in her words.   I could probably post everything unabridged and unedited here and you’d still watch it all the way through.

Elton, being Elton, was steady the whole time.  Casual viewers may mistake his expression for apathy or stoicism.   NO.  He was mostly nervous, but trying to remain calm.

Although she was a bundle of nerves in the morning, Roxanne was gorgeous.  Unmistakably a movie star.   Gentle and polite all the way, like her entire family.   Everybody was pleasant, you would get a “hi” from every “hello” even from the artista bridesmaids.

I was expecting scores of press people at the ceremony at San Antonio but there were none.  They were able to keep the wedding the way they wanted it.  Private.  But what surprised me that the huge parish church was packed to the rafters,  you’ve seen other videos and you know it takes quite a lot to fill it up.  They were a couple much loved.

At the NBC Tent, Teddy Manuel did a fantastic job at the NBC tent for the dinner reception.  The focal point was a globular structure in the middle of the dance floor.  It was truly breathtaking and befitting the grand event.

Enjoy this painstakingly crafted Same Day Edit.

Music Credits:
Arms and Sleepers
Ingrid Michaelson – Courtesy of Cabin 24 Records
30 Seconds to Mars

Planner:  Chinkie Uy of MetroEventscape Planners
Photography: Lito Sy (+ Dino Lara, RedFox)
Stylist/Florist:  Teddy Manuel
Couture: Pepsi Herrera
Catering: Chef Jesse

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April and Jay: SDE

Can you hear that?

Smell that?

Feel that?

The ubiquitous Christmas carols pumping thorough the mall PA systems.  The scent of freshly made kakanins wafting in the air.  And the chilly night air.  It’s that time of the year again.

Things are going to be crazy again come December but we welcome the hustle and bustle open arms.

It’s totally an understatement to say a lot of things happened this year but in these last few weeks, we’re cooking up some more.

In the meantime, here’s a heartwarming SDE to watch and enjoy.

April and Jay: SDE from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

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