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Florence and Marc: Hawaii Same Day Edit

Florence and Marc got married in Saint Augustine Church in Waikiki, Hawaii and had their reception at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  They couldn’t have picked a more picture perfect location.

Chill.  The best way to describe life in the big island, the vibe on the wedding day, the disposition of the people (and Flo’s blue Loubatin’s).

What made the day extra special was having the oppurtunity to shoot with the finest video talents of the Island.  Much thanks and props to Kolby of Aria Studios and Randy Panado ( a brother from another mother- check out his spankin’ new blog!) who lent us his exceptional “flying skills” (not to be missed of course is Mervin of MG Digital  Video – my cross-state buddy).

The big applause after the SDE’s screening is very much shared with the crew who made it possible.  Even though the sked was tight, we were glad to hang out with other Fil-Am videogs in Hawaii including StudioRed.

We were much loved.  Mahalo!

Flo and Marc from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Jeff and Kristine: A Long Island NY Same Day Edit

Stepping on hallowed ground on a historic date makes you stop and think.

But Jeff said, let’s bring something postive out of it. And thus their wedding date was set on 9/11. Nine years after the fact.

Rain was incessant but spirits weren’t dampened.

It was a crazy day for me and Mervin who shot the wedding with me (thanks MG!). We had to work extra hard as there were no assistants to help us during the shoot. And therefore we are in gratitude to the folks over at MyPinoywedding who did the photography (helped us with our stuff too and had me taste the best Chinese take out in the WORLD!)

Jeff and Kristine! Thanks for having us!

Here’s their same day edit –

Kristine and Jeff from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

King Gimp: The Morning of the Wedding

King Gimp: The Morning of the Wedding from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

The Day started very early for us last April 1.

Me, Dino and Ryan wanted to get an early establishing shot of the Senator theater sans wedding party and guests.

We returned shortly after to the hotel. We could not have come back at a better time!

This was just the right moment when Dena was setting up her morning surprise for her groom Dan “King Gimp” Keplinger.

Any later or sooner and we would have missed her in the lobby. This was meant to be documented.

Like I said, we were virtually the groomsmen during the preps as we trailed Dan and TJ to look for cigars for the wedding. What a day!

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Janna and James: San Francisco, CA

This was a perfect end to a perfect vacation.

At the tail end of our US trip, we were lucky enough to be asked to shoot Janna and James’ wedding.  After bouncing emails with James and their friend Jan (who hooked us up, not to be confused with Janna the bride) for more than 6 months. It was great to have finally met them.  And James gave me a great big American welcome – he took me to Hooters for lunch.

The schedule was crazy – makeup starting at 5AM in preparation for the 10AM wedding ceremony at the local Iglesia ni Cristo chapel.  Reception followed out at the Embassy Suites in San Rafael.

Major props to Dino, Florian and Sir Carlos Mariveles who helped with the shoot.

Congratulations guys!

Janna and James from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.