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Jen and Paolo

Tonight’s the Night

Once upon a time, at the old office, I had this graphic designer working for us, brightening up the studio with his antics, becoming the “pet” of sorts for the all girl editors.  (That’s not as fun as one might think, menstrual period jokes get old really fast).

He soon moved on taking a job at marketing in Shangri-la Boracay (part of the original team), and then transferring to Singapore after.

Boracay was key because that’s where he met Jen.  Love blossoms in the most unexpected places don’t you think?

They got married in the very island they met in last weekend.  It was an event to remember.

Honestly, and I mean really truth be told, I thought it was going to be like all the other Boracay weddings I’ve shot – meaning, work your ass off and put your heart into the couple and their wedding film, but then retire early for the night to catch an early flight the next day.

Wasn’t the case though,  by some strange mix of  vodka, the beach vibe, tequila, brownies and intense EDM, a bunch of my girls from work, myself  and a host of new found friends partied the night away like it was the next sequel of the Hangover.

And what happens in Boracay, stays in a hot stinking mess of dried puke on the crusty sand.


Music by Passion Pit covering a Billly Corgan/SP original.

Abi and Duke

Asya Premiere, Boracay

Any ordinary day, I’d tell you how amazingly beautiful Asya in Boracay was.  The beach was pristine, privacy was assured, the villas were luxurious and the view was simply breathtaking.

I made a mental note to go back for vacation.

So there’s that.  But what I really want to tell you was that Abi and Duke’s wedding was the very first time in my entire career (all thirteen years) that no professional (nor amateur) photographer was around to capture the day’s events.

Not a single DSLR was in sight.

It was weird yes but the couple saw fit that film will capture their big day the best.

Thank you for having us guys.

Dee and Tyson

No Bells. No Whistles. Just Love.

If you’re a couple as gorgeous as this.

If you get married in a place as beautiful as this.

If you have a ceremony as sincere as this.

You don’t need fancy.  You just need to be where you’re supposed to be, at the right place, at the right time.

Church: Beach Wedding Discovey Shores
Reception: Disovery Shores
Music licensed through
Happy Days by Isaac Haines


Martin Jickain and Maggie Tirol

Catching up and a wedding in Boracay.

Well we have  a lot of catching up to do don’t we?

Do you know that Green day song?   “Wake me up, when September ends?”.  Kinda like been in that mode the past couple of months.  The last pat of the year has kicked in and so is the workload at HQ.

Apart from the usual weddings, we’ve also been quietly making videos for fashion label Penshoppe the past year.  We were fortunate enough to have shot celebrities Ed Westwick, Mario Maurer and Ian Somerhalder.  Scheduling prevented us from shooting Leighton Meester and Zac Efron in Hollywood, but we still took care of editing duties.

The massive culminating event this year was Zac Efron’s Fan Conference at the SMX Arena.  The video demands were many and stringent.  Glad we could oblige.

photo courtesy of Penshoppe

Of course that doesn’t stop us from dong what we do best right?  And so right in the middle of chaos we quietly slipped off to Boracay to shoot the wedding of a dear friend’s sister.   It was a roller coaster of emotions for most people attending the wedding.  I suppose that’s how it is when you truly and deeply love the persons involved.  It was hard not to shed a tear.

Here’s Martin Jickain and Maggie Tirol’s wedding.

Leah and David

When it rains, It pours.

I felt bad.

It had been perfectly sunny in Boracay, however, the day prior to the wedding, the weather turned sour.  I met my couple at Discovery Shores and the bride, Leah, was visibly distressed, albeit hiding her frustration with a still charming smile.  David said, – “We have this everyday in London”, referring to the gray skies, pouring rain and gusty winds.

I couldn’t help but empathize with them.

I advised them to let go and just be happy.  Beautiful venues and cooperative weather are well and good, but it’s always about the people. ALWAYS ABOUT THE PEOPLE in the wedding.

We woke up the next day to the same thing.  Tough.

But it was nice to see Leah in high spirits.  Ready for the wedding.  The sun was peeking through though.  Everybody was crossing their fingers.  I was bracing for a miracle.   Of which was the crux of the video I was making.

Ten past four and a downpour ensued again.  Crap!  This will crush my bride and groom’s spirits.  (Not to mention the fact that I have to rework my approach for the SDE).

Half past four and the miracle happened.  Prayers and patience did it.  The rain halted and the ceremony began.  Not a drop from the sky interrupted the wedding.

The sun came out, smiling on everybody.

Music:  A Careful Hope by Circadian Eyes
Thanks to Mayk Pericon for the image.

Kai and Cy: The Bora Hop

Kai put me on the spot.   Twice!  She asked me to speak at the reception dinner (I politely agreed), and the post wedding party (I drunkenly agreed).

So this will be perhaps, in a long history of firsts from us, the only time you see the wedding videographer make a speech during dinner!   Hear! Hear!

The wedding, although set in a familiar place, was most uncommon.

The day started with a hearty breakfast in Real Coffee, with the entourage and vendors swapping stories and sharing the marmalade.   The couple went to Mandala for a spa treatment and everybody broke for lunch.

Up to this point, the thirty or so guests were still clueless as to what will indeed happen.  But they were given clues…

“When you hear Bono sing, it’s time to sit down”

So when the first bars of All I Want is You played by the shore, the ceremony commenced.  Brief, emotional, powerful.  And yup, they winged it!

Cocktails were served at the Tides roofdeck before they had to rendezvous at True Food for dinner.  The event was much of an adventure as it was a wedding.

It was capped with drinks and firedanceers at the Sand Bar.  Whew!  What a day!

When I was editing it, I focused on the people and the places, the core of Cy and Kai’s beautiful wedding.  Share it with us through this piece…

Sidenote from the Sidebar:  This video was premiered at their post wedding party.   It was much expected and built up and the pressure was killing me.  (only because half of the people were already inebriated).  But everything was a smashing success!  (I myself was smashed!).

Oi!  I haven’t had that much fun since my birthday.

Pamela and Jimmy: Smashing Pumpkins//Boracay

I was quite bummed when late last year, the copyright police took  down  our Smashing Pumpkins SDE we posted a year ago.

Let’s see how long Virgin records will keep this one up.

In any case, we had absolutely so much fun doing this video.  It was like being invited to one big party where everybody was just nice and kind and tipsy.

Pamela and James from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

PS:  The couple is from Chicago where Billy Corgan and the rest of SP orginally came from.  Today is absolute favorite next to Disarm, Bullet, Landslide, err, you get my point.

Jörg and Barbi Chan’s Wedding in Boracay

After shooting on the 30th and 31st lst year, I voved not to take any more beyond the 29th.

But Barbi’s wedding came along and I just couldn’t say no.

It was amazing! Like she said in the video, months back she just visualized her wedding, everybody in white by the beach, the curious thing was, she was out of a relationship then.  But it happened!  And everything was executed Barbi-style! – with flair and elan.

Can a bride actually do her own makeup?
When was the last time you saw a pink and black gown?
Have you ever attended a wedding with a “bridal boat”?  Not a bridal car?
Or witnessed an exchange of oversized heart rings as wedding bands?

Only here folks.

Barbi and Jörg from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Melanie and Norman: A Beach Wedding

Not one month after our ‘little mishap” in Boracay Island,  we came back for another wedding, this time on Seawind’s beachfront.

Thankfully, the wedding was smooth sailing … Chillax!

Melanie and Norman from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Boracay videos seem to always be the bouncy happy kind.  I set out to purposely do something different.

I always look for a peak in an SDE. This time I didn’t even mind there wasn’t any. Nothing flashy with the edit. Just an honest to goodness juxtaposition of what felt right. The SDE is vows based and that served as the skeleton of the piece.


Bong and Amanda Tirol hosted an after-wedding party.   My saviour (and tanggero) Bordoy Viterbo got me drunk as a skunk.  M+K, Dino, Teena Barretto were also around =).