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Diana and Jose

Chicago Same Day Edit

One of the best things about shooting this wedding was the fact that I was shooting with friends and work didn’t really feel like work at all.

Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto was shooting it and had the help of Glen Abog (an old photographer  friend from way back. I shot his wedding around 2003 and has since moved to Chi-town).  I called on local Supahstah JJ Kim to shoot with me.  JJ (of Orange Wedding Films) is a newly minted EventDV25 All-Star.  Sino Chum also completed the team, flying all the way from Denver and who also attended the Chicago One on One Sessions.

And we were just one bunch of happy shooters, like old college frat buddies.

But two things.

We all worked our asses off.  And second,  truthfully, the wedding was in Joliet, Illinois.  But cut me some slack, preps and portraits were in the city ;-)

Thank you Diana and Jose for having us!

Music by Jon McLaughlin – You Are The One I Love