Reese and Carlo

Bohol: Leap Year Wedding

Bohol was amazing.   The wedding we shot was even more so.

Strictly speaking, there were actually two weddings – Reese and Carlo’s morning Catholic wedding, and the afternoon Christian one.  Brunch was served under this gorgeuosly massive tree by the river in Dauis.  The place was to die for.  Late into the afternoon, the sands kissed our feet at the Bohol Beach Club.

How much do they love each other? Enough to get married twice on the same day!

I suppose its compensating since they’ll be having their anniversary only every after 4 years. Hence – the Leap Year Wedding.

Evereything about the celebration was colorful (both literally and figuratively).  The vows were oh so eloquent and piercing, the vibe was chill al the way, and the party was just off the charts.

We actually stayed for a few more days because I had my kids fly over with Madge to enjoy the island.  They had their fill of Tarsiers and hills and food tripping and swimming.   Our resort at BlueWater was beautiful!  It was Elise’s first time on a plane and my first time with her on a proper vacation.

(Props to the Boholanos for creating a tourism infrastructure other places can emulate.  You have a lot to be proud of!  And thanks Richard and your friends for helping us on the shoot).