Roxanne and Elton: SDE

Roxanne’s wedding vows almost made me cry.  All past pains, triumph and joy were encapsulated in her words.   I could probably post everything unabridged and unedited here and you’d still watch it all the way through.

Elton, being Elton, was steady the whole time.  Casual viewers may mistake his expression for apathy or stoicism.   NO.  He was mostly nervous, but trying to remain calm.

Although she was a bundle of nerves in the morning, Roxanne was gorgeous.  Unmistakably a movie star.   Gentle and polite all the way, like her entire family.   Everybody was pleasant, you would get a “hi” from every “hello” even from the artista bridesmaids.

I was expecting scores of press people at the ceremony at San Antonio but there were none.  They were able to keep the wedding the way they wanted it.  Private.  But what surprised me that the huge parish church was packed to the rafters,  you’ve seen other videos and you know it takes quite a lot to fill it up.  They were a couple much loved.

At the NBC Tent, Teddy Manuel did a fantastic job at the NBC tent for the dinner reception.  The focal point was a globular structure in the middle of the dance floor.  It was truly breathtaking and befitting the grand event.

Enjoy this painstakingly crafted Same Day Edit.

Music Credits:
Arms and Sleepers
Ingrid Michaelson – Courtesy of Cabin 24 Records
30 Seconds to Mars

Planner:  Chinkie Uy of MetroEventscape Planners
Photography: Lito Sy (+ Dino Lara, RedFox)
Stylist/Florist:  Teddy Manuel
Couture: Pepsi Herrera
Catering: Chef Jesse

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